What the Upcoming Fujifilm X-M1 Looks Like Next to Other X Series Cameras


Fujifilm’s upcoming “entry-level” X-M1 X Series mirrorless camera was outed today after photographs of the camera were leaked onto the Web. We now know what the camera will look like, but many of the camera’s specs and features are still unknown. The size and weight of the camera haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s actually possible to determine the relative size of the camera to other X Series mirrorless cameras using just the leaked photos.

The comparison is possible thanks to the leaked photo showing the camera’s sensor and mount. Since we know that the camera uses the same mount and 16MP X-Trans APS-C sensor as the X-E1 and X-Pro1, you can simply line up the sensors and mounts in Photoshop for a direct comparison of camera body sizes.

Fuji Rumors reader Maximilian did just that, creating the comparison images above and below.


Another Fuji Rumors reader named MJr created a couple of side-by-side comparisons showing the X-M1 next to the X-E1, X-Pro1, and X20 (a fixed lens camera):



As you can see, the fact that the X-M1 leaves out a built-in viewfinder allows the interchangeable lens camera to be even smaller than the fixed-lens X20, which has a much smaller 2/3-inch sensor compared to the X-M1’s APS-C sensor.

  • Maverick

    People are complaining that there’s no viewfinder. There’s two other models with viewfinders? I know you cant please everyone but people who are saying that they’ll buy it if there was one, you’re a dumbass

  • Mike

    Yeah, we suck for wanting an extremely basic feature.

  • junyo

    No, you suck for wanting an extremely basic feature that already exists. It’s like complaining that a motorcycle doesn’t have a truck bed. If you need a truck bed, buy a truck. If you need a viewfinder buy any of the other Fuji ILCs with a viewfinder – like every single other Fuji ILC/big sensor compact besides this one.

  • peter

    It’s not smaller than X20, it’s the same size, but not smaller.

  • geodesigner

    i’m neck-deep into M4/3, so making a switch would be too hard for me, but I reckon this is a PEN-killer

  • Opie

    This is the EXACT analogy I’ve always used (well, I say a Ferrari with a truck bed). I’m so glad someone else can understand this because the vast majority of people who comment on boards like these seem to think that every product should be tailor made for their specific set of needs. Modern society has cultivated a startling amount of self-centeredness. People can’t reconcile anything existing if they don’t want it.

    I especially love when a new model of (fill in the blank) comes out and owners of the previous model raise a stink about how it isn’t compelling enough to upgrade. As though people with last year’s model are the primary target for this year’s and not, say… people who don’t already have a camera?

  • freo64

    I’m excited with the new release X-M1 from Fujifilm. People with smaller budgets can have access to a great camera and lenses. Nice size body and beautiful lines while keeping the retro look. There is a lot of choice out there for everyone who like the mirrorless arrangement and retro look.