Impossible Instant Lab Shipping August 29th for $299


When The Impossible Project announced its Impossible Instant Lab back in September 2012, it turned to Kickstarter to raise $250,000 to fund the project. After the Internet got wind of the smartphone-to-instant-photo printing device, the fundraising campaign blew past its goal and ended up with a total of $559,232 from 2,509 supporters.

Today the company announced that the Impossible Instant Lab will be hitting store shelves on August 29th, 2013 for a retail price of $299.

In case you haven’t heard of the Instant Lab before, here’s a quick primer: it’s a novel hybrid between an instant camera and a printer, and helps turn your digital smartphone snaps into actual instant photos (the world’s first device to do so). For now, the device is designed specifically for iPhones and iPod Touch devices.


The process is quite simple. After a photo is loaded up onto the companion app, you place your phone face down onto the cradle on top of the device. The app then exposes the instant film with the photo you’re “printing,” and the exposed instant film is spat out of the device as if the “camera” had just taken an ordinary photo.

We were able to see the Instant Lab in action when it was unveiled at Photokina in Germany in September 2012. Here’s a quick demo video we captured:

From what we were able to see, the quality of the resulting snaps is “so so.” It’ll be a fun way to turn your digital pictures into physical prints, and will certainly be a device that’ll help The Impossible Project sell its collection of instant films, but the $299 price tag may be difficult for many photography enthusiasts to stomach.

  • Andreas

    why would someone pay 299$ for the worst photoprinter in the world?

    …and it’s bulky…

  • afs

    because hipster

  • Frank Mckenna

    I have always been really disappointed with the quality of Impossibles Instant Film. I stopped buying it.

  • MarvinB7

    What a waste of time and money…

  • 9inchnail

    The only application that would interest me here is the use of animated pictures or videos on the phone which would kind of simulate a long exposure effect on the print. That might be fun. But I wouldn’t pay even half the price of this thing which isn’t even meant to do what I just described, just for that one afternoon of fun I could get out of it.

  • Jason

    Because using your existing printer is just too difficult?

  • Meagan

    What stores can you buy this at?

  • OurTinyServant

    It’s not for sale, yet. But I’d be willing to sell you mine if you like?

  • Matthias

    How much do you want for it?

  • OurTinyServant

    Sold, sorry.

  • Matthew Charron

    no, it’s to make a real polaroid picture out of your digital photos

  • Matthew Charron

    some people like photos that look unique and special, stick to your $50 inkjet