Video: Mechanical Shutter Spotted on the Nokia ‘EOS’ Phone

A mysterious tech blog called Vizileaks appeared on the web yesterday and stirred up some excitement in the tech world by claiming to have gotten its hands on a Nokia “EOS” smartphone. The site’s “hands-on mini review” of the device features a number of photos and one video (shown above) that shows that the device features a mechanical shutter.

Vizileaks says that the optical focusing and image stabilization features of the phone can be seen in the short clip.

Part of the excitement surrounding this phone is the fact that Nokia is reportedly associating the name “EOS” with it. It may only be a code name used pre-launch, but the fact that the name seems to step on Canon’s toes has people talking.

Vizileaks writes that the main feature of the phone is the raise camera on the back, which gives the phone some extra girth and causes a bulge when stuffed into a pocket.

There’s a dedicated shutter button on the edge of the camera, a small LED flash, and a massive xenon flash. The phone will reportedly feature a 41-megapixel sensor like the Nokia 808 PureView, but the unit Vizileaks got its hands on has a “XX Megapixel” etched onto the camera, suggesting that Nokia has been testing different sensors of different resolutions.


According to The Verge, the Nokia “EOS” will be an AT&T phone that also boasts an OLED display, a polycarbonate body, 32 gigs of onboard storage, Windows Phone as its OS, and a special app designed specifically for the phone’s camera.

Vizileaks says there are some sample photos shot using the phone/camera on the way. You can follow @Vizileaks on Twitter if you’d like to follow along with that.

(via Vizileaks via The Verge)

  • Renato Murakami

    I fear the price of this, but I hope Nokia doesn’t release this with some ridiculous price no one can pay because I’m willing to get it to replace my Nokia 808.
    Better OS than the crap Symbian, optical image stabilization and hopefully some improvement on the software side regarding low light pictures and some auto-HDR would make it the perfect smartphone for me.
    I thought they got rid of xenon flash because of it’s size (in comparison to 808) but seems they didn’t.
    I’m plenty satified with 808 camera to tell the truth… but I still need to take my iPad here and there for the smartphone part. Windows Phone isn’t there yet, specially on the app collection, but it would be a great improvement over Symbian Belle no doubt.

  • chent

    It doesn’t look like a shutter. Looks like a mechanical lens cap, like on p&s.

  • jay

    I think N95 also had such a ‘shutter’.

  • siemr

    This visual effects artist’s eye can see it is a fake.
    A very good fake, but definitely a fake.
    Not a single fingerprint on the camera, strange reflections on the screen, shaky video with quick rack focus, awkward framing, all telltale signs of fakery.

  • Kai wong

    No instagram, not buying

  • EsaKivivuori

    I`m just wondering how “shutter” can be kept open such a long time when there is so much light ;)
    Unless user can choose shutter speeds and “B” (Bulp) manually…

  • Mike

    Why the heck would they need a lens cap under a layer of glass?

  • Devin Dillinger Paredes

    it appears to be a leaf shutter.

  • Jojo

    I think you’re going to look pretty foolish when this comes out.

  • George Chelebiev

    The shutter has to remain open so that the LiveView keeps going.

  • EsaKivivuori

    I doesn`t have to be actual shutter. And it wouldn`t work anyway when I take photos 30 pictures / s. (As I do with my 808.)

  • mumbajumba

    if you examine the video carefully, the shutter actions actually caused some artifacts on the video, this is one awesome camera phone you don’t want to mess with! it’s presence is rather intimidating!!

  • tonyl

    the shutter opens electronically but closes with a mechanical shutter?
    looks great. I have a Lumia 920 and the camera is not as good as promised. The delay between pressing the button and taking the picture is huge. It does not handle backlit situations well without selecting backlight in settings or using a third party app. Macro shots need a macro setting. It just doesn’t know what you want like the iPhone does. The lens gets dirty and scratched easily. I have plenty of photos taken through a smudgy lens. I hope this new phone fixes these things.