This May Be the Biggest Lens Ever Used on a Mirrorless Camera


Check out this photo of a gigantic Canon 9.3-930mm broadcast lens mounted to a tiny Panasonic GH2 mirrorless camera. The size difference is so great that it might be more accurate to say that the camera is mounted to the lens.

The photo was snapped by an equipment rental company employee named Esben Garn, who tells us that the strange-looking combo is “not very practical to get around with,” and that you’ll need external power to use the lens, which costs over $200,000.


Garn started playing around with mounting different lenses to Micro Four Thirds cameras after finding a shop in Poland that creates adapters for mounting all kinds of lenses to MFT cameras.

After purchasing the B4 to MFT adapter for this monster lens, Garn found that the image from the lens doesn’t cover the Four Thirds sensor of his camera. His two choices were to (1) use the built-in 2x extender in the lens (which works similarly to Canon’s new 200-400mm), or (2) to use the GH2’s Extra Tele Conversion (EX Tele) to only use a portion of the camera’s sensor.

Garn says he prefers using the teleconverter because it helps give his photographs a “milky haze.”


In addition to having an ordinary power source, the lens can also be powered by a portable external battery. The zoom of the lens, which a powerful 100x magnification, is controlled using a wired remote. The lens is also parfocal, which means that once focus is set, you can zoom in and out of the scene without having to refocus the lens.

How well does the lens work? Garn tells us that the best image can be had at f/4, but overall the lens is not very practical (pretty obvious, right?). There is some chromatic aberration present in resulting photos, and there’s a sharp quality drop off at the edges of the lens.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to obtain any sample photographs shot using this strange kit. If we do get our hands on some in the future, we’ll update this post to show you what the lens can do.

(via 43 Rumors)

P.S. You could probably put a larger “lens” on a mirrorless camera by attaching the camera to a giant telescope, but our title is referring more to ground-based lenses. For other behemoth lenses we’ve featured in the past, check out this Canon 5200mm lens, this “world’s most expensive” Leica 1600mm, and this 1700mm Zeiss lens.

Image credits: Photographs by Esben Garn and used with permission

  • Ives

    Now it’s time to take that sweet mirrorless setup and shoot some street photography!

  • Trythe1

    No red ring? No thank you!

  • Vlad Dusil

    You know what they say about men with giant lenses…

  • Mike

    Yeah, if Canon liked it, the should have put a ring on it.

  • mlieberman85

    At 930mm you can get those nice candid shots without being right up in your subject’s face.

  • Mike

    And get blown to bits by a 30mm canon from an Apache gunner mistaking your lens for a nuke.

  • Ovidiu Lazar

    Is it me or on that lens is written “image stabilizer” in big letters ? What ?!? – hand-shake is an issue for the lens ?

  • Furunomoe

    Pancake version when?

  • motoroller

    Most likely IS is there as an aid for video panning / dolly.

  • JayyFinlayson

    Doesn’t look suspisous walking around town with that lens…..Just everday thing seeing a man with a camera attached to a massive box

  • Ralph Hightower

    How good is he at hand holding the lens?

  • Rasputin

    a lens designed for 2/3rds cameras doesn’t work so well on a 4/3rds camera? No? Really?

  • Martin

    Thank God it has Image Stabilization.

  • Nadia

    what;s the purpose of IS image stabilizer on such a big lens?

  • Micah

    I think this may be the only timed I’ve ever smiled in response to the phrase!

  • Micah

    …just add steamroller.

  • Michael Thompson

    video panning / dolly.

  • plages

    Can you imagine taking it along on a back backing trip . . No, neither can we!

  • Xavier

    Many of you seems to be mocking about why this lens has image stabilization…Its simply because at higher focal range even when moving on a dolly/doing panning on a relatively flat surface the shakes becomes very apparent,, do you think the engineers who designed this are stupid? use your brain and think before talking for once -_-‘

  • Gomtesh Upadhye

    i dont think IS works on video,

  • Aleksi Salonen

    I think IS for some sort of dolly setup might be practical. Usually it’s not good for panning / tilting. Then again, at 930mm even the slightest vibrations will be hugely magnified.