Olympus’ 5-Axis Image Stabilization May Soon Arrive on Sony A-Mount Cameras

In light of the ever-tightening bond between camera manufacturing giants, Olympus is rumored to be working hand-in-hand with Sony to bring their 5-Axis image stabilization technology to Sony’s upcoming A-mount cameras.

Olympus IS 2-Axis 5-Axis

The news, reported by Sony Alpha Rumors, cites a known source who is presumed to be familiar with the development.

That would suggest that when the next batch of Sony’s A-mount cameras do make their debut in early 2014, they’ll be sporting 5-axis image stabilization goodness. The unnamed source indicated that “Sony and Olympus engineers are now developing [the 5-axis image stabilization] further to make it work on Sony’s next Full Frame cameras.”

Olympus’ 5-axis image stabilization has clear benefits over traditional 2-axis image stabilization used by other systems. It’s the first to cover vertical angle rotation, horizontal angle rotation, vertical shift, horizontal shift, and rolling camera shake all in one IS package.

Sony purchased a stake in Olympus in late 2012, and the two companies have been taking advantage of the partnership. Most recently, it was announced that Olympus would be supplying Sony with parts for upcoming lenses.

You can view Olympus’ 5-axis image stabilization technology in action in the video below:

  • ramanauskas

    How odd. Sony’s in-body stabilization works very, very well; at least as well as Olympus’, and without some of the problems people report with the OMD’s stabilization. I wonder why they’d switch? Could they be paying license fees to Konica-Minolta for IBIS that they wouldn’t have to with Olympus?

  • Sky

    Sony bought the license for SSS from KM. They even rebranded it like… 2 years ago.

    It’s mostly about marketing gimmick – 5 is better than 2, so they hope someone will be fooled, like ppl from Olympus were.

  • nameless

    But more is better right? like two-axis system is better than 1…

  • GimmeMore

    If Olympus is now supplying Sony with lenses and image stabllization, hopefully Olympus trades it for Sony’s video system. A new om-d with Sony video would sweet.

  • Oskar

    There is no such thing as 5 axis. The truth is that it is a 3(three) axis. Marketing liars shame on you!

  • Tripod

    It’s five degrees of freedom on three axis.

  • Andrew

    Sorry, but one of the big problems I’ve always had with 2-axis is the lack of correction for the torsion caused by pressing the shutter button. (Turning around the lens axis) The Olympus is literally the first camera that has properly corrected this for me.

    The other problem is that in close-up macro situations, the camera moving up and down and side to side can actually be a major problem, whereas it isn’t so much with long telephoto shots.

    So no, it’s not a gimmick. It really does work extremely well.