Hasselblad Lunar Bashed by Early Hands-On Reviewers, Called Bulky and Plasticky


Hasselblad’s luxury Lunar mirrorless camera is set to arrive in June 2013, but hands-on reviews of the camera are slowly trickling onto the Web. Photography blogger genotypewriter managed to get his hands on a Lunar recently, and published a short article sharing his thoughts.

If you haven’t been following along with this project, just know that Hasselblad has essentially taken a 2-year-old sub-$1000 camera — the Sony NEX-7 — and turned it into a ~$6,500 camera by slapping its iconic brand name onto it and by covering it with exotic materials and precious metals.


Since it’s simply an old camera with a new fa├žade, genotypewriter focuses on examining the main “strength” of the camera: the build quality. If this camera has over $5,000 of luxury on its exterior, do the aesthetics, build quality, and feel live up to the hype?


genotypewriter reports that “the camera immediately becomes disappointing in terms of its finish,” and that the model he tested felt plasticky and rubbery in all of its parts.


He also reports that the luxury exterior makes operating various parts (e.g. LCD screen, battery cover) of the camera difficult. It’s as if “there is a NEX-7 hiding in there somewhere and the Lunar is just a housing around the original camera.” Bingo!

The review’s conclusion is difficult for fans of the Hasselblad brand to hear: “You are just paying $1000 for each of the 7 instances of “Hasselblad” or the H-logo appearing on the body,” genotypewriter writes.


Head on over to genotypewriter to read the full hands-on review and to see more of his photos of the camera he tested. Photographer Brad Morris has also published a brief review of the camera over on You can also find more hands-on photos from when we reported on the camera at Photokina last year.

Hasselblad Lunar Review [genotypewritings via Photo Rumors]

Image credits: Photographs by genotypewriter and used with permission

  • pat

    it looks like someone just put an cover over the Nex-7. Looks stupid, cost too much and is in general stupid from hasselblad. Just my opinion.

  • Kenneth Tanaka

    It’s very sad to me that such an iconic 20th century photographic brand has fallen so sharply to consider such a “product” acceptable. I shake my head and turn away from the scene.

  • jones

    hasselblad thinks we are stupid

  • johnny

    This is one of the ugliest products ever. Don’t know how this got approved…

  • Ivan

    And we all complained about the Pentax K-01.

  • Duke Shin


    Seriously, the Lunar has become a joke on /p/

  • Opie

    Hasselblad doesn’t think anything of us, he’s been dead for 35 years. I refuse to credit these charlatans with the moniker just because they bought the rights to the license.

    At this point, I almost wish Leica would just snap them up wholesale. At least they’ve managed to figure out how to keep alive the spirit of their iconic forebear.

  • Mike

    “Lunatic” suits it better.

  • Jonty

    Lolz what an un-mitigated disaster, if you want a hasselblad nowadays just buy a fuji they made the xpan and I’m pretty sure they make their H series. Hasselblad is just a brand name especially after stopping the V series.

  • derekdj

    It’s hard to believe that this isn’t some elaborate hoax by Hasselblad. There have been successful “reskinning” of cameras before, probably the most famous is Leica’s PS skins on top of Panasonic Lumix cameras. This doesn’t even look like they hired an industrial designer, I’ve seen better hacks on YouTube from people shoving digital guts into old rangefinders.

    Is this for real?

  • aa

    the lenses for the H series are in fact Fujinon.

  • MattSteeleLA

    Wow… what a disaster.

  • MattSteeleLA

    This looks like one of those projects that should have been scrapped, and everybody at the company knew it. But too much capital was dumped into it to abandon the project, so corners were cut to bring it to market. Now everyone at the company is praying that they sell a bare minimum number to at least cover losses a little and move on.

  • Ryan Oliver

    What strange sort of frankencamera is this??

  • Renato Murakami

    One has to wonder why a brand, any brand regardless of fame, goes to such lengths to shoot itself on the foot.

  • chubbs

    Maybe they should stop rolling around in their obscene amounts of money long enough to actually develop new cameras in-house.

  • TSY87

    I seriously wonder who in the company came up with this idea… and then who was the final person who signed off on this. SERIOUSLY. The nex-7 actually feels quite solid in its natural form. This thing looks like a piece of junk with ridiculous add ons to make it look “fancier”. It’s like what teenagers do to econobox cars except this doesnt even look decent.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Does it shoot 6×6?

  • Thewirehead

    This is the Pontiac Aztek of cameras.

  • peter

    Compared to this piece of … even Leica doesn’t look overpriced. For $5000 they offer FF body with mechanical rangefinder, classical style and feel, huge system of razor sharp lens. It’s outright dam ridiculous.

  • Anto de Chav

    The back is made in Denmark and the lenses are designed by Per Nordlund and made in Japan by Fuji,no different to Zeiss being designed in Germany and made by cosina,the HC lenses are excellent,you cannot compare the H series to the stupid Lunar..

  • Peder

    Infact the backs are made in Gothenburg. The Danish part of the business solely deal with sales now. All manufacture of H system (back and bodies) takes place in Sweden. The change happend last summer.

  • NIck

    Wow! We have Leica 2. There is always enough market for such gadgets in Moscow and Dubai. They don’t even care it’s plastic Sony. Important is that it’s most expansive. They simply need the most expensive camera like all their belongings and such a niche companies like Leica and Hasselblad struggle to cover those markets. And these markets are enough big for those companies. But on the other side it’s simply embarrassment to pay such a money to these companies for such a cameras, so isn’t it embarrassment to were these cameras in the end?

  • delayedflight

    At least it was an original product designed more or less from scratch…

  • Adam Cross

    don’t care, I like the design.

  • Video Militia

    Rich people will buy just about anything if you tell them it’s a “luxury” item.