BTS: Chase Jarvis Literally Gets to Make His Dream a Reality for a Samsung Ad

Photographer Chase Jarvis has a recurring dream in which he is floating in a sea of vividly colored clouds (don’t we all?). So when Samsung came to him with a bunch of money and instructions to do whatever he wanted just as long as it highlighted the color capabilities of the company’s Series 9 monitors, he decided to make his dreams come true — literally.

His only demand from Samsung was that the company let him create an epic behind the scenes video that showed how his team brought the whole thing together.


The final plan, and there’s always a plan, involved a remote-controlled Nikon D4 attached to a 24-70mm lens stopped down to f/11 for deep depth of field, two Broncolor Scoro A4S Power Packs and four Broncolor Unilite 1600′s positioned outside the tent for light, and some PocketWizards to fire the flashes.

To get the behind-the-scenes video and photos right, Jarvis enlisted the help of an Arri Alexa, a Sony FS700 for high-speed shots (480+ fps), a Canon 5D Mark III, a Canon 7D, and 9 GoPros they found lying around the studio that they set up into a bullet-time array. Obviously all stops were pulled out for both the photo shoot and the behind the scenes action.

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes pics that Jarvis sent our way:





Of course, all of this would just be an exercise in futility (really fun futility, but futility nonetheless) if the final image didn’t turn out right. We’ll let you be the judge, but we think he hit the dreamy nail on the head:


To see more behind the scenes pictures and get a full description from the man himself, head over to Jarvis’ blog and read the entire story.

Dream Job — Color Cannons, Flying High & Turning Dreams Into Photographs for Samsung [Chase Jarvis]

Image credits: Photography by Chase Jarvis and used with permission.

  • Sebastian Oliva

    That could have been done so much easily with Photoshop…

  • Richard Lurie

    But then he’d be a graphic designer and not a photographer!
    If he had wheels, he’d be a wagon!

  • Zac Kak

    where is the fun doing it with photoshop ?

  • Tasha Borden

    the video of the making of the photos is more of the advertising than just the photo alone…its highlighting the process with the catch phrase…”photograph your dreams” that is the ad not the photo

  • Thiago Medeiros

    It’d be really ironic if all the cameras had been rented from

  • MS

    Samsung using gopros & a D4. Nice.

  • Stewart Doyle

    So, was it actually a dream, or WAS HE SEEING INTO THE FUTURE?

  • Kole Montross

    Am I the only one who thinks the bottom coral colored cloud looks like a bit like sloppy photoshop compositing? And just overall in general… it feels like it actually WAS put together in PS. Like they took all the best cloud puffs and put them together in a kind of…. not so great way. Maybe it’s all done in camera in a single shot and I’m delusional. But it just… looks like a meh-ish Photoshop attempt for all of the work they put into it.

  • Mansgame

    Remember how great it worked out for Nokia when they found out they were cheating?

  • Mansgame

    You win the internet today.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    He’s so overrated.

  • Richard Ford

    Ironic? Has a new meaning now does it?

  • Franco

    If you watch from 2:17 of the video, it shows when they were processing the final image and it’ll show that it really was a composite photograph put together in PS. And I’m pretty sure that was part of the plan. I was quite disappointed myself to find out about that but meh, it’s a product ad.

  • geodesigner

    Don’t blame me, Alanis taught me ev’rything I know ;)

  • Stylin’ on you

    Nah, u jelly

  • Gord

    Chase Jarvis always talks like he smokes a lot of pot.

    That just makes me love him more.

  • Max

    What utter and total crap… too much money + zero creativity
    = total rubbish

  • Albert Zablit

    Cool ad.

  • patrica ba donk a donk

    awkward moment when a guy who used to use a lot of apple gear has started using samsung monitors….or at least is happy to be affiliated with the company….oh dear apple!