Ilford Imaging Taking Custom Orders for Ultra Large and Specialty Format Film


Thanks to the prevalence of digital photography and the fact that camera stores seem to be closing left and right, it can be hard enough to find film in the first place these days. But if you shoot with ultra large or specialty format films, your job is even more difficult. Thankfully, Ilford is here to help.

Harman technologies Inc. — the folks behind the manufacture of Ilford film — are opening their annual window during which photographers can order as much custom-manufactured specialty film as their hearts desire.

Between Monday May 13th and Friday June 28th, Ilford will take orders for sheet film in formats up to 20 x 24 inches, 70mm film, 122 and 127 format film, and even 120 format backing paper in 100ft lengths for those of you that make your own film rolls at home.

This is the kind of film photographers like Tim Pearse would have to use for their ultra large format creations.

This is the kind of film photographers like Tim Pearse would have to use for their ultra large format creations.

Film types to choose from include FP4+, HP5+, Ortho Plus and even Delta 100 Professional in specialist formats, with an additional 3 sizes now available.

Fortunately for exotic film shooters, you won’t be limited regarding the amount of custom-made specialty film you can order either. Ilford will wait to start manufacturing until after the window closes on June 28th. Once they have all the orders in, they’ll begin the process of fulfilling them at their factory in the UK, hoping to have the film in consumer’s hands by September.

For a full list of participating dealers and available items, head over to the Ilford website by clicking here or find out more about the promotion itself here.

(via The Phoblographer)

Image credit: Black & White by DaveBleasdale

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  • kyoshinikon

    Drool… Can I get PanF precut into 3 1/4 x2 1/4…. My holders dont fit standard 120film

  • Francois

    Off topic, but does Tim Pearse lift the middle of the bellows of his camera before taking a shot? Surely as it is up there the light from the lens will be blocked by the sagging bellows?