First Wink-to-Shoot App Now Available for Google Glass Users


A couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that Google Glass has wink detection features baked into the device that could allow users to stealthily snap photographs of anything just by winking at it. Today, the first wink-to-shoot app was launched.

Glass early adopter and app developer Mike DiGiovanni launched Winky this morning through his Google+ page. It’s a simple app that turns your eyelid into a camera triggering… device?

DiGiovanni says that winking changes things by allowing you to “lifelog with little to no effort,” and that the app has allowed him to take more pictures in a single day today than he did over the past 5 days. It may seem like photographic overload, but DiGiovanni says that his photographs are now a great timeline of where he has been.

What DiGiovanni’s app does is simply enable the native wink gesture feature in Glass and then ensure that it stays enabled by intercepting wink gestures (treating them as “high priority”) and responding with a photograph.

Load up the app, and you’ll be presented with a calibration screen:


Once the app knows how to distinguish between your winks and blinks, you’ll be able to use wink-to-shoot even when Glass’ screen is turned off.

Here’s a short video clip demonstrating wink-to-shoot in action:

…and the photograph that resulted from that wink:


If you’re the proud owner of a $1,500 Google Glass explorer edition, you can grab a copy of the source code over on GitHub. It’s not a neatly packaged app that non-tech-savvy folk will be able to quickly pick up and use — it’s pure Android source code, so you’ll need to compile it and run it as an APK.

Winky [GitHub via The Verge]

  • 9inchnail

    Awesome. Now I won’t have to stop eating when I wanna take a photo of my food.

  • Thomas Hawk

    I’m interested to see what sort of street photography work ends up being done with these.

  • Thiago Medeiros

    This is so SLR-like – we even get mirror blackout. We’ll never see the moment it clicks…

  • Kodachrome64

    If only nature had given us two eyeballs to make up for this! Curse you, universe!!

  • Kodachrome64

    And how many dates come about from everyone winking at each other all day.

  • Jake

    Or sexual harassment accusations. :)

  • Babola

    This is a great idea – all we needed are people around us with Tourette’s syndrome-like face expressions.

  • Zivko Radovanovich

    Haha, awesome observation ;-)

    I didn’t think of that but I guess you’re right…just imagine continuous shooting with one of these :-)


  • Roscoe Tanner

    This is gonna be great, people using those glasses ‘continuous shoot mode’ are likely to be asked by an unsuspecting bystanders – ‘Are you alright, dear…shall I call an ambulance?’


  • JakeB


  • 2wk

    “U wink at me one more time and I’ll smack that f*ing thing off your face”

  • lightrey

    Our resting blink rate is about 20 per minute. Imagine how much load your memory will record even if you wouldn’t have intended to take a picture of the scene at all. You may want to improve the UI and avert memory overload by taking one picture with a double blink instead of just one blink. My 2 cents worth.

  • Papundek

    Yeah, while I have a friend who has Tourette’s you make a good point.

    Even she LOL-ed after reading your comment :-)

    Her other comment was – ‘I won’t be getting this software for myself before they increase a memory and buffer size, that’s for sure. :-)

  • Nate


    Love your friend’s sens of humor…we could all learn from people like her and use some humor these days, haha.