This Woman is a Composite Portrait of 57 Girlfriends Seen on Seinfeld


The woman in this portrait doesn’t actually exist. The face is actually the average of 57 different women — 57 girlfriends that appeared in episodes of the popular TV sitcom Seinfeld.

The image is actually the latest appropriation artwork by photographer Richard Prince, who says he found photographs of 57 of the girlfriends on Google.

He then took the images, printed them as 8×10-inch photos, and handed the prints off to Two Palms Press to have them turned into the composite seen above.

Through his Twitter account, Prince revealed that one of the 57 faces was this newspaper photo of Sarah Silverman (she appeared in the episode “The Money“):


Prince has been exhibiting the artwork, titled “Jerry’s Girl,” and is planning to sell it as a limited edition of 57 prints.

If you find this concept of blended portraits interesting, be sure to check out this project in which a young woman averaged 500 of her self-portraits, and this project featuring the average faces of women in 40 countries around the world.

(via ANIMAL NY via Mashable)

P.S. Late last week, we reported that a judge had overturned a previous copyright infringement ruling against Prince, finding that his use of photographer Patrick Cariou’s photos was “fair use.”

Image credits: Photographs by Richard Prince

  • Jusbein’real

    It seems that the folks at TWO PALMS PRESS should get the accolades from this! They are the one who put the composite together! Sure, it was Richard Prince’s collection of photos, but he didn’t do the composite work!

  • Will

    If it wasn’t for Prince, the folks at Two Palms Press (TPP) most likely would never have produced this. Taking your viewpoint further, you could argue that the people who provide TPP with their tools that should take credit. Usually, it’s the people who provide the inspiration who receive most of the credit rather than the people who provide the perspiration. You only have to look at the consumer products all around you to see this is the norm.

  • Duke Shin

    Jerry is pleased.

  • MMielech

    “He then took the images, printed them as 8×10-inch photos, and handed the prints off to Two Palms Press to have them turned into the composite seen above.”

    I don’t get it. It seems that this Two Palms Press is a gallery of some sort. Who did the actual compositing? Or, was it more than one person? How? And, most important, why is is so weirdly vignetted?

    I’m assuming he’s going to turn around and sell this thing for, like, a million bucks, and not even tip the real artists. I really went into the wrong end of the business, it seems.

  • Tommy Sar

    And then, all of the women’s minor flaws that turned off Jerry combined into one huge fatal flaw.

  • Thomas Hawk

    Wonderfully creative work as usual by Richard Prince. Hopefully none of the photographers of the original images try to sue him over his composite work.

  • MMielech

    Oh, good, you’re a fan. Please explain this thing. I’m ignorant of the whole point.

  • NeilV

    Wait a minute, I don’t see the likeness of Teri Hatcher in that composite!

  • Hutch

    Looks like Jan from The Office.

  • MMielech

    Just had an ah-ha moment. High end scrapbooking.

  • harumph

    It’s not really much different from the famous photographers who don’t even take the pictures themselves. Terry Richardson (sometimes), for example.

  • Pat David

    The artist Jason Salavon had done this decades ago with Playboy centerfolds. Here is my modern take on his work using Imagemagick:

    And even more interesting I think is doing this with a bunch of photographer Martin Schoeller’s portraits of celebrities:

  • p.rock

    Photos looks fake.

    But I’m told they’re real, and they’re spectacular.

  • Rick

    Mr. Hawk knows a thing or two about creative rights.

  • Greg McKay

    Only a REAL Seinfeld fan would get that…. NICE!

  • chris o’neill

    I’m questioning the validity of the composite, not for technological reasons but for the fact that Sarah Silverman never played one of Jerry’s girlfriends. She played Kramer’s girlfriend.

  • Thewirehead


  • Peter Croft

    Wow! She, Miss Average, is beautiful. This is Mona Lisa like.

  • Chris Blake

    Be more interesting if it were all of Murphy Brown’s receptionists. Or maybe all Starfleet captains in all Star Trek series, weighted by number of appearances.

  • P4D


  • intaglio

    Two Palms is a fine art print studio. One of their employees did the actual composite work. He should get a printer’s proof of the work. The vignette is the accumulation of dark backgrounds behind the actress’ faces.

  • eraserhead12

    Hey, whatever stops him from taking photographs of photographs and calling them his own, or stealing any more of Cariou’s photographs.