The Average Faces of Women Around the World

A grid of 21 female faces, each labeled with a different country: Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and India.

What you see here are portraits created by taking photographs of women in 40 different countries and averaging them with Face Research software. These are the most neutral faces for various nationalities.

The portraits were created by psychologists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, who did not disclose the source of the photos that went into each portrait nor how many images each composite resulted from.

Here is a closer look at the averaged faces:

It’s not clear how many faces were used for each country, but if you’re thinking that the faces are more beautiful than average, then it might be because attractive faces are generally average. You can also play around with the software yourself, either with existing faces or by uploading your own.