Rumor: iPhone 5S Will Have 12-Megapixel Sensor and Better Low-Light Shooting


Apple’s next iPhone release may come with enticing upgrades to the phone’s camera, including a 12-megapixel sensor, improved low-light capabilities, and HDR photography.

The rumor comes courtesy of Vietnamese blog, which in turn heard the news from a factory in Vietnam that produces camera modules for Apple’s iPhone line.

In addition to the specs and features mentioned above, the refresh may also include redesigns that address the “purple fringing” issue that we covered last year.

You might remember that when the iPhone 4S was announced in October 2011, one of its main enhancements was the 8-megapixel iSight camera (up from 5MP) that could capture 1080p video (up from 720p), and a larger f/2.4 lens (from f/2.8).

Tasty camera improvements are reportedly coming to the iPhone line

Tasty camera improvements are reportedly coming to the iPhone line

The iPhone 5 didn’t upgrade the camera module very much from the 4S, at least hardware-wise. It instead focused on better low-light performance a 40% faster photo capture speed, and a new sapphire lens for clarity and scratch resistance.

If the ‘S’ trend holds true, we should be seeing more significant camera hardware upgrades when the 5 is replaced with the 5S sometime in the near future. The iPhone has dominated the camera leaderboards over at Flickr for quite some time now, so many casual snapshot photographers are likely pleased to hear that major upgrades are coming to their “camera” line.

(via Mac Rumors)

Image credit: patina’d by Robert S. Donovan

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