Photographer Documents Berlin’s Unique U-Bahn System One Line at a Time


Kate Seabrook is an entirely self-taught Australian photographer who fell in love with the art of picture taking after laying her hands on her first DSLR in 2009. For the next couple of years, she made a name for herself photographing Melbourne’s underground music community, but when she moved to Berlin in late 2011, something entirely different caught her eye — the U-Bahn system.

Basically the Berlin subway, the varied architecture and typography that Berliners experienced from line to line inspired Seabrook to document it for the rest of us. In her artist statement, Seabrook describes the project, dubbed Endbahnhof, as:

… the perfect eye candy for trainspotters, typography, architecture and design enthusiasts, history and urban development buffs, anyone with a nostalgic connection to Berlin or anyone who believes that the journey is more important than the destination.

Here are nine more photos. Including the one at the top, that’s one for each of the wonderfully diverse U-Bahn lines:










Another distinguishing fact about the project is that each line is photographed from start to finish on one trip, disembarking at each station and photographing it before the next train arrives. In this way, visiting the Endbahnhof Tumblr takes you on a very literal journey through the U-Bahn line of your choice.

To take a trip down any and all of the 10 U-Bahn lines, visit the Endbahnhof Tumblr by clicking here.

(via Coudal)

Image credits: Photographs by Kate Seabrook and used with permission