One Photographer’s Rant: “There’s Too Many Cameras on the Market”

An interesting video has been going viral within the photographic community today (with a little help from Reddit). The video shows photographer Andre Bailey of Envy Me Images ranting about the state of the consumer DSLR market — specifically lamenting over and over that “there’s [sic] too many cameras on the market.”

To that effect, Bailey spends most of the video upset about the sheer number of cameras that have come out in the last two years, using Canon’s T5i as a recent example. Between the number of choices, the lack of real progress from generation to generation, and the often misleading advertising, Bailey is accusing manufacturers of leaving their customer base upset and confused.

Being a rant, it is a bit troll-ish, but the point at the center of his argument seems to be striking a chord with many of the video’s viewers and commenters: there really are too many cameras on the market. That coupled with a chronic lack of education and significant differentiators between models has led many a consumer astray … and Bailey (along with at least a few of his viewers) wants it to stop.

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  • Leonardo Abreu

    Ken rockwell… what a joke.

  • Duke Shin

    Amount of cameras on the market

    Is too damn high

  • Tam Nguyen Photography


  • The all mighty one

    Andre Bailey? Why, I believe I have heard of him! Tis a silly man

  • natums

    I came here just to say that. Thank you.

  • Rob S

    See that is why I shoot Pentax!

    K-5 or K30?

    Need a battery Grip? – K-5
    Want colors? – K-30


  • Duke Shin

    for every 10 pictures Ken Rockwell takes
    11 are keepers

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    I still have a T2i and am fine with it. If people want to get all caught up in the tech that’s fine, but what I’ve got shoots pictures and video and does it better than almost any camera in history. Its all marketing bull to get people to buy more crap.

  • Nathan Blaney

    Ain’t nobody got time for that….

  • eraserhead12

    that’s how my mom described the US after arriving from communist russia. you want pants?? there was only one pair of pants to choose from!

  • harumph

    Well, people can make fun of him all they want, but he’s right about the T5i.

  • PaulPetch

    His work sucks nuts. Think he needs a new camera.

  • Renato Murakami

    So… people might disagree, but I personally think he does have a point.
    And it’s not limited to cameras only you see… lots of people might already have watched it, but this is exactly what Barry Schwartz is talking about on his TED Talks presentation (and book) titled The Paradox of Choice:
    I believe it’s one of the reasons why Apple products are successful (not the only one, but still), and why they are kinda loosing edge too.
    It’s too time consuming, potentially disappointing, confusing, and even stressful to make a decision on what crop sensor dSLR to buy these days.
    Kinda weird to say it, but I’d most likely buy a T3i (I currently own a T2i) if it was released today with an update of all specs, than I’d buy a T5i with incremental spec, even if it was the exact same thing.
    I think it’s insane to buy whatever gadget today thinking that it might be replaced by something better couple of months from now. The fear of getting disappointed by a future update, or regretting buying the product even it’s perfectly fine.
    Problem is, it’s all about the market – if people keeps preordering stuff, making lines to get the latest gadget just because it was announced as new, and if businesses turn a profit based on that, they’ll shurely keep doing it.
    But it has the opposite effect for me.
    I’d rather have a company work hard to make a product that is significant for at least a couple of years or so, commit to it, and present a very solid product (such as 5D Mark II), than come up with small incremental updates just to catch up with competition or whatever.
    Worst of all, this must ammount to some kind of damage to developers.
    With such a short development cycle that’s getting even smaller year to year, less time is left to think of the design as a whole, they don’t have the time to take chances, so they can only work on small improvements that might catch the eye of the general consumer.
    To me, it would be far more appealing to brands if they spent a long time developing the next product because then I’d know I’d have a product worth replacing… rather than having a new revision every couple of months I’d have to check all specs and then reviews to try to make some comparison and then decide if it’s worth it or not.
    If we take this to other gadgets… since I already mentioned it, let’s talk about the iPhone. First to the second was true improvement, than second to third. As new versions come out, I see less and less reasons to get the new one.
    Particularly, from the iPad 2 to the new iPad and from iPhone 4 to 5, not only there are very few improvements, but there are also some caveats to consider.
    So this creates, as Barry Schwartz says, paralysis rather than choice.
    I don’t replace my iPad 2 and I don’t consider buying an iPhone because I can’t be shure if it’s even worth the time and money – not that the products are not worth it, but the entire crazy replacement cycle that comes with it.
    It’s a bit crazy if we think about it logically, because of course it’s interesting to have competing companies racing against each other to see who has the most technologically advanced product out there. But simply put, specs and tech are not the only factors that matters for, well, at least some of us consumers.

  • Olafs Osh

    Well, apart for points he made or did not made, I just enjoyed video. Guy just ranted out – it’s healthy. I don’t think we should delve deep into discussion is he right or wrong – it’s just a rant. Everybody sometimes rants and usually it’s about really small aspect of whatever – it’s just the last thing that pushed you over the ranting edge. Good video.

  • uff

    not enought cameras. You have only 2 brands that are making digital rangefinders. Well only, the other one doesn’t make them anymore.

  • tertius_decimus


  • DafOwen

    Cameras ?
    Similar numbers/upgrades/etc apply to almost every field of consumer electronics – laptops, phones, TVs, HiFis, etc etc you name it.
    We’re conditioned to buy buy buy.

  • tertius_decimus

    What a funny guy! :D

  • MMielech

    Too damn many photographers out there.

    I’m looking at you, Andre.

  • Mark Houston

    ……..:) made me laugh, thanks

  • David Liang

    Um….he does realize it’s a capitalist market right? You vote by making purchases. Want camera makers to stop with the variations, STOP BUYING. It’s simple, money talks and changes corporate behaviour far surer than idiotic rants.

  • Lance Lemke

    Getting to hung up on the the tech, and not what you do with it. With digital camera’s, like computers, people have a great machine, but a new version comes out two months later and they think there’s is now junk. Ultimately, just like anything else, its up to the person to do their research on what will fill their need.

  • Albert


  • uff

    yes the epson one. I still want to get one, someday. They seem kind of fun

  • Neoracer Xox

    He’s right though

  • Neoracer Xox

    According The appointed critic of all fine art

  • Michael Comeau

    I love having too many new cameras because it will result in too many cheap used cameras. I plan on upgrading to a 5D Mark III in 2017. (seriously!)

  • cnavey

    have you seen this guy’s site??? he’s such a joke. there are a lot of cameras on the market but that doesn’t make it difficult to choose. a pro camera acts like a pro camera is built like a pro camera. a soccer mom camera acts like a soccer mom camera and is built like a soccer mom camera. so what if the T5 has great specs it still doesn’t even compare to the 1D Mark IV or dare I state the obvious; the 1Dx. i’ll never get that 5 mins back.

  • Matty D

    When is the D5 coming out?

  • Mark OneWolf Yan

    Good Point. I have been saying this for a long time. I also agree that just because a camera is on the market doesnt mean you have to buy it… I shoot Sony and there are at least 4 crop sensor Sony cameras on the market at any given time. We never get a change to enjot and make the most of the camera we buy cause there is always new of the NEXT cameras… I recently Purchased the A99 and Last year was the A77… There was a ton of time between the A700 and 900 and their successors but in the last TWO years we can seen the A33,35,37, A55, A580 ,57, and soon 58… This is as bad as Cell phones… why not give us a good 3 years between models… Have a Entry level, Enthusiast and Semi Pro level and say this year release the New Entry level, and next year the New Enthusiast etc etc. So you have something new every year without driving the consumers crazy… Have a CLEAR price point like they used to have. 400-600 range, 800-1000, 1200-1400 Clear features so the consumer doesn’t have 4 or 5 different models with similar features in similar price range to compare…

    No one take the time to perfect the current camera cause they are always planning for the NEXT one and then you buy the camera and you have no support after a year or two no FIRMWARE updates nothing…

  • TommyBoy1980


  • This Guy

    He may have a point, but calling him a photographer is like calling everyone that cooks a chef.

  • Paulo

    That’s why I shoot film and many more camera users like me are getting backwards. I got tired of pixel peeping digital cameras.

  • Theranthrope

    Just wait…
    How long was the D3100 on the market before it was obsoleted?

  • Theranthrope

    No! This (United States) is NOT a capitalist market, any more than China is a Communist one, and don’t claim that it is.

  • Theranthrope

    Dear Pepsi… er… Nikon, how about you NOT waste R&D/marketing on duplicated effort on dozens of incremental updates on the D3X00/D5X00/D7X00-line of bodies, which confuses the market and dilutes your brand, how about using that wasted capital on making more and better glass?
    If Coke… er… Cannon, can make a low-cost and fun prime pancake lens, what the crap is stopping you?
    Or… hey Pepsi, Coke, DrPepper, 7-up, Shasta, ect; how about something REVOLUTIONARY: a line of DSLR bodies of varying levels of user-control (consumer/pro-sumer/pro with decreasing levels of automation and increased control, while avoiding featureitus) and sell, get this; user-upgradable CCD chips!? Where I can buy as much camera and sensor as I want, when I want, without having to junk everything every 6-to-12-months if I want to stay cutting-edge, and if there’s a body with features and ergonomics that I particularly love, I won’t be forced to ditch it due to cruel dictates of Moore’s law.
    Why don’t you try selling me something I WANT TO BUY, as opposed to something your over-paid consultants say they think I think I want to buy.

  • Camila Medina


  • Ray in Atlanta

    Deep breaths, buddy.