A Roundup of April Fools’ 2013 Jokes in the World of Photography


April Fools’ Day: the beautiful (or painful) day of the year on which the Internet is teeming with fabricated stories designed to fool and humor. We used to participate in the jokes and cover the silliness, but last year we started doing a single roundup post instead to keep you up to speed on April Fools’ Day humor in the world of photography.

Fujifilm Europe announced a new Fujifilm X103D camera (shown above) designed for capturing 3D photos. The camera contains two lenses and two sensors.

The Digital Picture published a Canon announcement for a new Canon 7D L DSLR. It’s identical in specs to the original 7D, except it features a “reversed ergonomic design which left-handed photographers will fall in love with”:


Udi over at writes that he managed to secure a trademark on the word “Bokeh.” While you’re still allowed to use the word for personal use, any commercial use will need to be cleared through him first.

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on a pair of Google Glass camera glasses to play around with, BorrowLenses is now offering rentals. Checking out a Glass unit for 3 days will cost you $105.


Iconic Photos writes that “Henri Cartier-Bresson” was actually a pseudonym used by three Jewish photographers.

Unique Photo shows off a Gameboy Camera that has been converted into the digital back of a Rolleiflex TLR camera:


1001 Noisy Cameras reports that Google has acquired B&H Photo Video in order to establish brick and mortar stores around the country.

Director John Irwin says that he was able to hack an intervalometer and the firmware of his DSLR in order to shoot long exposures within video (the firmware can ramp up shutter speed sto 1/93000):

3D-KRAFT reports that a Leica M 3D prototype has been spotted over in Hamburg, Germany:


The Phoblographer writes that Leica and Zeiss are both rumored to be working with Apple to develop the next iPhone.

Digital Camera World writes that 500 19th century albumen prints have been discovered at an antique shop. The “foot prints” by photographer ‘Erasmus Choate’ show the feet of famous individuals, and are of great historic and artistic significance:


Roger Cicala of LensRentals writes that there’s a special new sensor that can detect wavelengths and eliminate the need for a Bayer filter while tripling the image resolution. He has written up a detailed technical report, and the side-by-side comparison images are impressive.

Canon Norway posted a photograph showing a box for a Canon 16-600mm f/2.8L IS (the lens will reportedly be launched in July):


Holga is selling a new Digital Holga 120D, a camera that takes the original Holga 120 lo-fi camera and “brings it into the 21st Century.” The camera costs a cool $999.99:


Photographer Kirk Tuck writes that Canon and Sony both announced medium format cameras today:

Canon spokesman, Fol Ja Nau, elaborated on the company’s plans saying, “We were not content to play in the secondary photographic market behind Phase One and Hasselblad. With declining sales in the compact camera (point and shoot) markets we wanted to find a niche with fast and sustainable growth and very good profit margins.”

Photographer Jim Goldstein is trying to Kickstart a new product called the Photographer’s Social Media Mouse. It detects when a photographer is distracting himself or herself on social media websites and shocks his or her finger in order to get him back to the business of editing photos or doing business communications:


The Leica Forum Blog writes that Leica is set to be sold to a US-based company and redesigned for various marketing campaigns:


EOSHD writes that GoPro is set to replace Nikon as NASA’s official camera supplier. Scientists are planning to use custom engineered 4K Go Pro to capture crisp imagery of the Martian landscape.

PhotoExtremist has a 25-minute-long preview of Nikon’s upcoming open source DSLR, the Nikon D800o:

Romanian photo blog Blog de Fotografie has the scoop on an upcoming fully retractable lens:


Photoshop trainer Pierre Courtejoie shows what it would look like if Adobe partnered with the RED campaign for a special edition of Photoshop:


Kodak has announced the Kodak Wrist Kiosk, a watch-sized device for your wrist that has all the functionality of a Kodak Picture Kiosk. Print tiny thumbnail sized photos from the convenience of your own wrist!


If you know of any other humorous photography-related April Fools’ Day jokes that were released today, feel free to leave a comment letting us know. We may add it to this roundup post!

  • tsayguy

    Thom Hogan is writing a Nikon Manual musical, maybe. Or maybe not. Except he is. Unless he’s not.

  • Scientific Moustache

    people would actually by left handed slr’s I always wondered why no-one does them.

  • Anatole

    Nice! The 16-600mm will come with lens hood! =D

  • Ned Yeung

    There is nothing about the setup of a camera that makes it left-handed or right-handed. It’s just a setup that we’ve standardized and it doesn’t show dominance to either. Your left hand on the lens offers more control of the camera than the right hand does. If anything, our cameras are already left-handed and us right-handers have merely adopted to it.

  • Les Dishman

    Kirk Tuck was the first to break the news that Sony and Canon will release medium format cameras soon. His indepth interview with Canon spokesman “Fol Ja Nau” is the kind of reporting his readers have come to know and love!

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks! Added :)

  • Ned Yeung

    There is nothing about our current cameras that make them left-handed or right-handed. It’s just the setup that we’ve standardized, and it doesn’t show dominance to either. If anything, especially when the design originally came out when we used much more manual control on the lens, we have more important precise control with the left hand than we do with the right. So if anything our cameras were better designed for left-handers, but we have all adapted to this design.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks, we’ve added it!

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks! Added a link to this in the post :)

  • Kodak CB J Cisney

    Introducing the Kodak Wrist Kiosk. All the functionality of a full size Kodak Picture Kiosk in a compact wearable wrist device. In just seconds, you can make real Kodak quality digital prints, at a reduced size – straight from the end of your arm. Quick and easy.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks! :)

  • Vaughn Wascovich

    Obviously you’re not left-handed.

  • Halfrack

    When shooting 2 cameras at once, it would be nice to have a left handed camera. I have found that shooting left handed, with a gripped body upside down seems to work (left index finger at shutter button on grip), just don’t expect to adjust settings on the fly.

  • Roger Thornhill

    Ken Rockwell has one. :)

  • Tim Parkin

    The Leica and Fuji were trumped by Mamiya some years ago –

  • Andi Gyarmati

    I got a very nice Nikon D800bh (both handed) here – only in german but the image speaks for itself:

  • tim

    I am, and prefer to focus with my left hand, thank you.

  • E

    I do realise it’s a photochop, but still funny that they mirrored the lens mount too (the release is on the other side), so you would need left-handed lenses too ;)

    There might be a small market for lefty camera bodies for those who are left eye dominant though. On some cameras my nose start pushing the dial that selects focus points when I put my (left) eye to the viewfinder. Kinda annoying, but wouldn’t pay extra to avoid it though.

  • Strelok

    That left hand Canon looks so… wrong that it hurts! Really.

  • Sean Setters

    E – I’m the one responsible for the Photoshopped 7D L photo. I reversed the lens mount so that the highlights and shadows would remain consistent (it looked a little odd when they weren’t). We started to write in a second announcement for the reversed lens, too, but decided to keep it simple. I honestly didn’t think too many people would catch that. ;-)

  • Jason

    Reminds me of the left handed Yashica Samurai ZL (right hand version: Samurai Z).

  • Simon Pollock

    I posted on thinkTankPhoto’s Facebook page about their new upcoming “D.I.Y Put it together yourself Retrospective” – No sewing machine included… That was sorta funny… [if I do say so myself….] the RODE i16 was quite amusing, too…

  • E

    Hehe.. it’s a nice job still, and it really makes one aware of how used we are to seeing things in a certain way. The camera has just been mirrored but compared to what we’re used to it looks all out of whack.. I find that interesting actually ;)

  • Michael Zhang

    Added! :)

  • Simon wardenier

    I had an Exakta Varex IIb, which was made for lefties like me, but it didn’t really make all that much difference though.

  • Karol Srnec

    My older work from 2009.

  • Karol Srnec

    And from back side.

  • Vsevolod Zhovtenko

    I always shoot with left eye, and have no problem with mt D300s, my nose is not small but it doesn’t push any buttons on camera :)

  • Alison

    I wish the red photoshop were real. It’s so pretty.