A Clever Imaginary Friend Photo Prank

Here’s something that might give you a chuckle: it’s the invisible friend prank. The video above shows magician Rahat Hussein and prankster Jack Vale teaming up to pull this prank on unsuspecting passersby in Hollywood.

After asking strangers to take a photo for them, either Hussein or Vale kneels down at a specific location and puts his arm up, as if he’s hanging it around the shoulder of an imaginary friend. Once the photo is taken and the camera is returned, the photo is quickly switched with one that’s already saved on the camera — a photo that shows both men posing for a photo together.


The video above captures the shocked reactions people have when they think they captured someone who wasn’t actually in the frame.

Here’s the outtakes reel from the stunt showing cases in which things didn’t go as expected:

We shared a different photo-related stunt a couple of years ago involving a Polaroid camera that was pre-loaded with a different instant photo.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Jack Vale is awesome

  • Jeremy O’Brien

    Pretty sure that’s Joshua Ledet in that video

  • Kaveh Moravej

    There’s always the inevitable crazy guy in these videos. I remember some guy tried to punch Jack Vale after another one of his pranks.

  • John R

    Captain America at 2.03

  • slvrscoobie

    Why not actully make a camera app that displays the fake photo instantly AFTER its taken, so you dont need to ‘show them’..

    That would be a good ‘trick’

  • guest


  • L

    Yep! That totally is Joashua Ledet from American Idol!

  • JanT

    Getting message: “This video is private.” Should remove it from PP if you can’t show it!