‘Ninja Snap’ App Lets You Prank Nosey Friends with Your Android Camera


Have you ever tried to show a friend a photo on your phone, only to have them start swiping through your entire personal photo collection uninvited? If you do know someone like that, there’s now a lighthearted way to prank them. It’s an Android app called Ninja Snap that will surprise nosey swipers by showing them their own face in your album.

Here’s how the app works: after opening it, you choose some photos from your device and then hand your phone to your target to share those photos.


If they start swiping through your photos, the app will begin to quietly take pictures of them using the front-facing camera and mix those photos in with the rest. Then, as they swipe, your victim will suddenly be greeted with photos of themselves caught in the act.

As an added “security” measure, the app also has a feature for exiting it when the “back” button is pressed to hide the main Ninja Snap screen from others.


Ninja Snap is available as a free download from Google Play.