Amazon Courts Photographers by Adding Lens Finder Tool


Amazon recently added a helpful tool geared specifically towards photographers looking to supplement their camera bag with some fresh glass. This Lens Finder Tool lets photographers input their camera and then spits out a list of all the compatible lenses Amazon caries for that particular model.

When you first arrive at the lens finder, you’ll be greeted by the blank form below. From then on it’s pretty self-explanatory: fill in your camera, series and model. You can also further customize the search by lens brand and type.



At this point, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma and Leica remain conspicuously absent from the camera brand list, but otherwise you can click here to head over to Amazon and try it out for yourself.

Lens Finder Tool [Amazon via 1001 Noisy Cameras]

  • Lukas Biba

    No Canon 1D? Why is there flagships from Nikon?

  • Fuzzy Bear

    There’s nothing conspicuous about the absences. It’s most likely that the front end selection system is finished and that they’re still working on the database.

  • Rob S

    Apparently not interested in business from Pentax shooters………

  • Jane Carroll

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