First Look at Photos Shot Using a Memoto Wearable Lifelogging Camera

memoto-live-logging-camera-side copy

Memoto has been making an appearance at the SXSW 2013 festival over the past week. When founders arrived at the show last Thursday, they wore two of the tiny lifelogging cameras they’ve been developing. The devices snapped one photo ever thirty seconds, and the duo soon amassed tens of thousands of point-of-view images capturing the things they were experiencing in Austin, Texas.

If you’re curious about the image quality of the wearable cameras, the company has published a set of initial sample photos.

img_130309_154118_grande copy

Here’s what the company says about these sample images:

The photos were taken with a Memoto Camera prototype and are not post-processed in any way. Please note that the color saturation will probably be increased a bit compared to these images, and the exposure in some of the darker images will be equalized. Sharpness and compression levels will also be adjusted.

As you can see, the images are a bit lacking in quality, but at this point we can’t expect too much more from a tiny wearable camera that’s about the size of a postage stamp.

img_130307_111356_grande copy

img_130303_072524_grande copy

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img_130303_123704_grande copy

2013-02-04T00-37-51-1024x768 copy

img_130228_212812-1024x768 copy

img_130303_124856_grande copy

img_130307_111318-1024x768 copy

img_130303_123228-1024x768 copy

img_130303_123340_grande copy

img_130304_111232-1024x768 copy

As we reported late last year, when the camera was first introduced to the world, the Memoto snaps two 5-megapixel photographs every minute. Its battery can keep the camera going for two days and about 4,000 images before you’ll need to recharge it.

The mountains of photos are stored to Memoto’s cloud-based storage service, and can be accessed via a special mobile phone app or through a web browser.

It was apparently quite popular at the SXSW festival, where it finished top three in a venture competition.

(via AllThingsD and SlashGear)

  • Forbs

    If these things become popular, the Internet is going to be full of pictures taken by twits who forgot to turn the camera off when they went to take a pee.

  • NDT001

    who gives a damn about logging and capturing every moment of Joe Blow’s banal life.
    As if instagramming your breakfast, lunch and dinner wasn’t prosaic enough. Im all for democratisation of media and communicatons, but god-damn, this is just self importance on another level.

  • agour

    There’s something disconcerting about uploading your life to ‘the cloud’.

    Give it a year or two and I bet they’ll start monetizing your ‘life’, selling the pictures, or perhaps the information gathered from them..

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    Just watch, in five years anyone who ISN’T lifelogging will be singled out by the likes of the FBI as “suspicious.”

    It continues to amaze me how people think that recording and broadcasting everything they do is anything less than surveillance. Welcome to 1984 – with a smile.

  • ennuipoet

    Allow me to disabuse the notion for anyone pondering buying this: Your life is not interesting, no one cares. The sooner you realize this, the better off we all are.

  • joe btfsplk

    The beauty in this is that Big Brother doesn’t have to watch you … you can just watch yourself for him. Can hardly wait to see pics of everyone taking a dump.

  • joe btfsplk

    Or twits who truly believe that anyone could possibly interested in anything they do. What a waste of resources. Sheesh – do something useful.

  • ChrisB

    I would put one of these on my cat

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  • Jonathan Maniago

    “Whoops! I left my Memoto inside the changing room. Silly me!”

    I bet security personnel would be hearing this at least once a week if the product ever becomes popular (quite a big IF there though).

  • Opheliebro1909


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  • Jesse

    Go away Enriqueta!

  • Ian Anderson

    Just when you thought reading about what people had for breakfast on Facebook was boring along comes something to truly show how dull our lives can be…