Wedding Party App Invites Guests to Take and Share Photos of Your Special Day


In the past, wedding receptions frequently involved disposable cameras placed on every table so that you could get your guests’ perspectives on the festivities.

However, given the advent of better and better smartphone cameras, it’s only natural that the good ol’ days of collecting tens or even hundreds of disposable cameras and getting them developed after your wedding would come to an end. In their stead, say hello to Wedding Party.

Of course, the disposable camera days began disappearing long before Wedding Party made it on the scene, but the app does add another level of convenience. It does this by offering your guests a place to share all of those photos that they take of your special day, so you don’t end up hunting down wedding pictures from 200 guests on each of their individual Facebook pages.


Additionally, you can have those photos automatically integrate into your wedding website through MyWedding. And using the web uploader currently in the works, even professional photogs may soon add some of their contributions to the album.

The app is currently available for free in full on iOS and as a beta on Android, and having just scored $1M in seed funding from several investors, co-founder Ajay Kamat expects further expansion to happen fairly rapidly.

To find out more about the app or snag your own copy (for either platform), follow the respective links or visit the app’s home page.

(via TechCrunch)

  • Jonathan Maniago


    It’s promising concept, but I’m not sure if this would work well in practice (unless there’s an upload limit for guests). For my sister’s wedding last year, I contributed 36 handpicked images while other DSLR-wielding relatives were uploading 200-300 images each. If anything, sifting through several hundred/thousand images may be an additional burden for an already stressed-out couple.

  • Martin Freer

    I think the simplicity of the old disposable camera on the table works better.

    e.g. download app, sign in to facebook, find the right wedding, take photo, upload pics.


    take photo

  • Jeremy Madore

    you mean:
    take photo
    bring to cvs
    pay for developing
    put into shoebox
    never view again

  • Martin Freer

    Ha, fair enough. I was talking from the guests perspective. But I see your point. I couldn’t see this app being any more than free.

  • Jesse Knight

    instagram + #agreeOnAHashtag

  • John Kantor

    That is what Color did.

  • Harry

    Just more work for the poor wedding photographers who have to deal with the crowds of “apptographers” in their way. Leave your phone in your pocket/purse people and enjoy the party.

  • Philip Lemoine

    I can understand where your coming from because I’m a wedding videographer. But you gotta understand that it’s not the photographers wedding. It’s the couples.