HTC DSLR Lens Teaser Has Some Hoping for Canon Lens Add-Ons


HTC has been teasing the release of the rumored HTC One smartphone for the past few weeks by tweeting out cryptic photos that supposedly hint at features that will be officially announced at their press event on February 19th.

Most of these photos get just enough media attention to keep HTC in the news coming up on the Tuesday press event, but the latest photo (top) has the photography world in a bit of a stir. That’s because it depicts a Canon lens, leading some sources to speculate that the HTC One will feature Canon DSLR lens add-ons.

If you ask us, that seems unlikely. The branding on the lens in the picture has been blurred out and DSLR lens add-ons seem a bit extreme as a smartphone feature. An alternative (and perhaps more likely) interpretation may be that the One will come with a DSLR-quality camera, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


The photo above is another that was tweeted out by HTC this week. It also teased the February 19th announcement date, and the possibility of a retina display.

We only have to wait two more days to find out what HTC really meant by these pics, but even HTC doesn’t announce SLR lens add-ons, these and other rumors all seem to indicate that we will soon have a PureView competitor on our hands. Let the smartphone pixel war wage on.

(via CanonWatch)

  • chubbs

    They’re going to announce that some dude forgot his DSLR lenses at their corporate headquarters and can he please move them because they needs room for their 5 million different models of smartphone.

  • Mark Power

    When you say “some people”, does that mean about 2? Talk about jumping to daft conclusions! The HTC phone being announced is reported to being described as having an “ultrapixel camera”. Nope … I have no idea what that means either.

    But all it means in smartphone launch terms is basically that it has their best camera yet and better than all the others yadda yadda yadda. You know… like a professional camera. Because we all know you can have a smartphone camera of equal (or greater!) capability as a DSLR. ;)

  • thetim

    speculation is that ultra-pixel is a new sensor array, having a seperate physical sensor for each channel. results being more light in, heaps better low light performance and clarity, but actual megapixel count goes down…ie, 18megapixel sensor would end up as 6 ultrapixel sensor.

  • Igor Ken

    an HTC phone with DSLR-quality camera? Extremely unlikely. My iPhone 3GS with it’s 3.2mpx camera from 2009 shoots better quality pictures than my HTC Sensation’s 8mpx camera from two years later. Innovation? Progress? lolwut

  • Igor Ken

    good thing for them, because the low light performance of htc phones’ cameras sucked big time until now.

  • eraserhead12

    they kind of suck all around lol. my HTC DNA’s camera is nothing compared to a samsung S3, or even an iphone 4S :/. we’ll see if an ‘ultrapixel’ sensor actually translates into a better image.

  • eraserhead12

    my HTC DNA has 2013 specs, and a 2011 camera :|

  • Igor Ken

    Mine has 2011 specs and 2008 camera I guess… (I got it in 2011) sucks to be an HTC owner… I actually had to go back to a iPhone 3GS which I previously owned

  • Igor Ken

    pfff. I hope so, but I no longer trust HTC. They lost me, even if I was mega HYPED before buying it.