Iranian Stealth Fighter Image Called Out as Photoshop Fake by Bloggers


Iran recently made headlines when they unveiled their new state-of-the-art fighter jet, the Qaher-313. Touted as a cross between an F-35 and an F-22, it immediately fell under scrutiny when aviation experts pointed out that the plane that was unveiled could, at best, be only a miniature working prototype.

In response, the Khouz News website published the photo above, showing the 313 patrolling the skies over majestic Mount Damavand. Clearly this was the real deal, right? Not exactly. As it turns out, the photo is a Photoshop creation combining a wallpaper image courtesy of Picky Wallpapers, and one of the original photos of the jet from the unveiling.

Here are the two pictures shown separately:



The fake was spotted when bloggers noticed that the shadows, reflections and angle of the plane were all identical to the original unveiling shot. At that point, it took only minimal research to discover where the background image had been acquired.

Thus far, Iranian officials have dismissed detractors, calling all doubts (photographic and otherwise) “enemy propaganda.” But the combination of imperfect Photoshopping and a very recent history of similar tactics has left very little doubt in the majority of people’s minds that this photo is, in fact, a fake.

(via The Independent)

  • agour

    You would have thought they would hire someone to photoshop it properly!

  • Norm Cooper

    so he thought the blue green reflections were engine glow?

    back to polishing camel turds..

  • Robby Cornish

    Iran done mavericked it again!

  • HRMOKeefe

    Why doesn’t the US have a self destruct button on our drones? Why didn’t we get the stealth helicopter tail back from Pakistan instead if them selling it to China? Isnt our $4 billion/ year good for that?Same thing with our F-117 downed in Serbia, why didn’t we either recover or pulverize the crash site? Whose running the Pentagon anyway? Dunder heads

  • tiredofit123

    More than a couple of people who know about avionics and aircraft in general that the plane on display is probably a mock-up. It’s too small in overall size, the air inlets/exhaust are also too small and jut holes, and unless they discovered something new (unlikely) the skin is just black metal. The real anti-radar coating is a black paint that comes off easily and has to be maintained.

  • BboomerInDenial

    I do give credit for the masking about the cockpit bubble, That is very diificult

  • gunman

    Not really, it’s just a matter of a lasso tool and dragging the opacity control “knob” down.

  • Kurt B

    They probably still use Photoshop 1.0.

  • Igor Ken

    hey, don’t judge, at least it’s free. In Iran, it’s cheaper to take your Qaher 313 and fly to America and buy a copy of Photoshop CS6 than to buy it locally.

  • Todd Gardiner

    We are a bunch of photographers discussing a photo. I doubt we have answers for you on U.S. military policies and technology.

  • Crane Studio Imaging

    The mountain photos do not look the same. The lower one has less snow than the top. Howeve the jet is photoshopped in.

  • Burnin Biomass

    We laugh, but somewhere a Iranian Photoshop artist has been beheaded.

  • KH

    The photochopped image just looks a lot brighter, looking like more snow.

  • Mia Baker

    actually they sell it in the markets for around $2. they all have CS6 but no clue as to how to use it.

  • Kurt B

    If that paper plane can actually fly. But then again, even if it could, it won’t reach USA because it will be shot down by Obama’s drones. Hahaha…

  • Porter

    This is an actual sovereign government? Wow. I mean…just wow. I’m thinking microfilm-loaded camera-shoes and fake mustaches are still are part of their espionage program. How embarrassing.

  • sayithere

    why bother.. the plane is clearly a mock up! I think it was someone playing around with photoshopped just for fun. you guys are so serious..

  • David Ewers

    They just broughf in a few clouds, the angle of both montain shots are exactly the same

  • Regele Ionescu

    The plane is STEALTH – that is you can never see it.

  • kurtberns

    they can blow themself up, kill innocents from behind, fly an airplane into a building…. but building hight tech airplanes… no way!

  • kurtberns

    yeah that is why the clouds are exactly the same.. you expert you….

  • Pierre

    Les iraniens ne sont que des Merdes. Ils savent quand meme qu’ils ne savent pas.hahaha. Ils sont des merdes ecrases sous les pieds de leur president ahmadinejad qui est plus merde qu’eux memes.

  • Aref

    Common guys!
    Of course this image is designed by Photoshop or any other graphics software. In the bottom of the original image is mentioned that this image is designed by Peyvandha graphics and designing group.
    I couldn’t find anyone from Iranian government who has said this image is real!

  • reZa

    yes..that’s true..the photo designed by Photoshop!and i don’t agree with this pic at all!
    but why you Sentenced our artists?the sentence is our Government!!

  • Johnny English

    oh Iran you so crazy

  • UncleSam

    Ok. A country that uses a group/company to create a make-believe high-tech jet airplane to fool other country/military into believing it can have air “superiority”? … or a country that forgoes the photoshopping and uses drones that kill innocent civilians, unwarranted military occupations, using 9/11 attacks as an excuse to justify war with Iraq, & various other imperialistic tactics? Who is the bad guy again?

  • Igor Ken


  • Igor Ken

    AHHAHAHA gotta love the fake mustaches…

  • Aref

    Well, I’m not a politician and I cannot say who is right or wrong but I know and I can feel the dirty game which is running around the Meddle East… what a dirty game. War for democracy :)
    Apart from that, I didn’t say Iran did a good job. I just wanted to make it clear in here that the designer of the photo had said this photo was a Photoshop from “the first day” and there is no need for us to prove it :)
    You know, this airplane for Iranian government is something like Sputnik for Soviet Union, remember the posters about it :D
    Unfortunately, this article didn’t have enough attention to the original photo.
    So, the author of the article is the bad guy!

  • سید

    دیگه حرفتون تموم شده دارین چرت میگین مهم همواپیما است نه صحنه پشت اون به امید روزی که به حول قوه الهی و با علمداری امام زمان(عج) تمام ظالمان و مستبکران دنیا رو از مسند قدرت به زیر بکشیم و نابدشون کنیم
    االهم عجل لولیک الفرج

  • Ron McClellan

    Iran has taken Clear Lexan propeller design and giant rubber band technology to a new level!

  • [email protected]

    every body can understand this photo is photoshop but its very comon for new products to introduce it with such a this pictures its a primary model and on future you can see it on persian golf blue sky.

  • Resa

    iranian news is said” a MODEL of the new fighter…” .for some security reasons they don’t exhibit the real one.Iran has succesfully registered more than 1000 hours of this fighter’s flying.About the picture: it’s already been introduced by iranian media as an IMAGE of the fighter over Damavand mountain.Note that any western governments has never officially doubted about this fighter.Dont let partial medias fool you

  • zadeh

    to all those so called experts in photoshoping’ you idiots should surely know that this picture is not intending to show the jet fighter in flight. it was done by an Iranian site as a way of an advertising poster.albeit that a military fighter does not need a poster like this but we have seen many advertising posters of commercial air liners in flight with a mountain or a very blue sky in the back ground.
    as for those who all of a sudden become designers in supersonic jet fighters’ don’t you think if this was a fake fighter made of plywood’ the designer would have used a little bit more plywood and made the air intake and the cockpit a bit bigger to convince . after all it would put strain on the spending budjet by about $20-$30. and i am sure the government of iran could afford it. don’t forget it was the arrogance of the US and the UK who handed them a shameful defeat in the hands of a bunch of part time resistance fighters in Iraq and the rag tag army of Taliban in Afghanist.

  • Masoud Mohamadnejad

    Now you think you are smartest human in all across the galaxy because you have discovered sth important & complicated???!!! :)))

    Everyone knows that this image has been created by using Photoshop and Iranians do not claim that this is a real picture. I’m an Iranian university student myself. Dears,many of you aren’t aware of how Iranians live nowadays,because most of you are brainwashed by western media! You think that we have not the technologies that you do,as I read your comments,but you’re wrong!

    Downloading or buying Photoshop CS6 is a pies of cake in my country & also everyone can reach It’s tutorials on the internet & shops.

    meanwhile I confirm that this picture is amateur & doesn’t look perfect.

    In fact It’s creator has wanted to have Qaher 313 & mount Damavand,the highest mount in Iran that has been situated in the north of the capital Tehran,to show that creating Qaher 313 is a honorable achievement.

    Dears,never underestimate the capabilities of a great nation.

  • Masoud Mohamadnejad


  • Masoud Mohamadnejad

    Oh come on Johnny! don’t be rude
    this is an edited picture even Iranians know that,& no one claim that it’s real

  • saeed

    Maybe to you , the aircraft able to fly . But, you think wrong . Excess of 17 aircraft built .
    Iran ‘s missile industry is very strong . , And effort to design and build a fighter . Despite sanctions.
    Iran’s population . Friendship with the world. , And history of several thousand years .
    But America !
    500 years old
    War history in many countries ( ( Iraq, Afghanistan , Vietnam , Japan , etc) )
    False pretext to invade the country of
    Lies , lies , lies + Media = believing the world.
    . Folks who do not study history
    And increasingly global hunger epidemic is
    Long live Iran. Viva Iran .
    ‘s Damn liar . Interview force