Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ to Photo Geeks Like This Chocolate DSLR


You’ve probably seen chocolate-colored DSLR cameras before, but have you ever seen DSLR-shaped chocolate? The camera above was created by San Francisco-based Etsy seller Hans Chung as a gift for his friends and family. It’s a highly detailed solid chocolate replica of a Canon D60 that has a battery grip attached.

Chung carefully created his own custom mold, and has used it to create three of the chocolates so far (one of which has been eaten already).


He’s planning to only create 5 more of the coco-cams as a limited edition run. Each one will be made with the chocolate of the customer’s choice from the Guittard Chocolate Company product line.


Once an order is placed, production takes one week and the camera is then shipped to the customer via FedEx standard overnight shipping. It arrives wrapped in plastic, surrounded by a gel ice pack, and displayed in a clear acrylic box.

Live in San Francisco? You can pick up yours in person.


Chung notes that the camera comes body and grip only. Chocolate SD cards, batteries, lens caps, and straps are not included in the sale.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If your significant other (or the person you hope will become your significant other) is a photography geek, perhaps you should consider handing them one of these chocolate DSLRs rather than a boring ol’ chocolate heart.

Oh, and by the way: each of the cameras costs a cool $500 — about the price of some real DSLRs.

Limited Edition Solid Chocolate Canon D60 (with battery grip) [Etsy]

  • Nienke Nijenhuis

    Well, I hope I didn’t offend you in any way with my post. I still think it’s totally awesome that you actually made a SOLID CHOCOLATE DSLR. I mean, come on <3

    I'm no chocolate expert at all (besides at eating it, haha), but if you'd use a cold mold, couldn't you just pour in the chocolate, let it cool a little, and let the inside chocolate (which is still liquid) flow out again? Isn't that how most chocolate models are made? You seem to know a lot more about this than I do, I just tried approaching it through my engineering eyes ;)

    I was a bit stunned at the price of 500 dollars, since my own camera costs about as much as that. It'd be weird to have a chocolate one that costs the same but doesn't really take any pictures.. I see now that you used an actual camera for the mold, don't dummy models have the same amount of detail as an actual camera? I've seen some experiments with making molds out of silicon, the amount of detail stunned me! Even little scratches were transferred into the mold :)

  • Amer Al-Hiyasat

    I’m not just ranting, but seriously, why does it cost $500?