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This Vintage Nikon Camera is Made of Chocolate



Here’s a camera that provides smooth results… on your taste buds. Over in the UK, the chocolate shop The Amazing Chocolate Workshop is selling a vintage Nikon SLR camera created entirely of luxury Italian chocolate.

“Paying chocolatey homage to the glory of the vintage analogue camera, this full-size Nikon SLR solid chocolate camera took an insane amount of time to craft, delivering massive levels of intricate detail worthy of a true design classic,” the shop writes. “Focus your eye on the incredible plastic casing texture effect, ultra-fine aperture lines and intricate dial and winder detail and you’ll be forgiven for wondering whether to eat it or frame it.”


The camera is exactly the same size as the actual camera and comes in a sleek gift box and achieves smooth and creamy taste instead of bokeh.

Here’s the tasting notes: “Velvety smooth with naturally creamy taste provided by specially selected cocoa beans. Subtle, lingering taste. Not bitter.”


With a shelf life of 6 months, you’ll need to decide soon whether you’ll eat the camera or keep it around as a decorative item for the long haul in its presentation box.

If you’d like one of these chocolate cameras for yourself, you can order one for £35 (~$44) over on the shop’s website.

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