Adorable Photographs of Scottish Ponies Wearing Cardigan Sweaters


In order to drum up some interest amongst tourists, the national tourist board of Scotland recently conducted a lighthearted photo shoot involving a couple of Shetland ponies wearing eye-catching cardigans.

The ponies, named Fivla and Vitamin, pose peacefully in the gorgeous Scottish landscape while sporting their one-of-a-kind red and brown sweaters. The outfits were custom-crafted out of Shetland wool by a local knitter named Doreen Brown.





You can view the entire set of photographs in high-resolution over on the VisitScotland blog.

Shetland Ponies in Cardigans – All The Photos! [VisitScotland]

Thanks for sending in the tip, Sam!

Image credits: Photographs by Rob McDougall/VisitScotland

  • Michael Spotts

    News is slow today, eh? :)

  • DamianM

    I don’t care that these are not, well you know, amazing photographic achievements.
    But F**k Thats adorable.

    Im sold on Scotland

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  • Mansgame

    That is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while.

  • Angela

    That’s it, I’m going to Scotland!

  • Syuaip

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  • Senyan

    Very nice beautiful xoxox senyan
    Sen yan

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  • Bua

    Cuter than a button.

  • revolving door

    Waiting on Mansgame’s response.

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    how did they get them on ?

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  • Dbakeca Italia

    little ponies

  • draft1

    Honestly. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Hilariously daft.

  • Shimmo

    Its like little sarah jessica parkers

  • Bill Bikerback

    It reminds me that on one particular sojourn the the Far East I did partake of Pony-meat but had I first seen these eloquent images of the beast I would have suspired every bite. Huzza to you Mcdougall.