BTS: Photographing a Lyric-Lapse Music Video Over the Course of Six Months

Back in August we shared a mesmerizing stop-motion video titled “Dream Music: Part 2″ and created by Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams. The team spent 6-8 hours of work photographing every 3-4 seconds of the 8-minute music video. All in all, the project took six months to complete. The video above presents a behind-the-scenes look at how the whole thing was done, with director’s commentary, deleted scenes, and a bunch of time-lapses of the time-lapse being shot.

Here’s a taste of how much work and attention to detail went into the shots: For one short sequence in the video, the team spent six hours photographing Beau Brigham scooting around on his back, under the baking sun, and with a plate of food in his hand. Every so often, one of the helpers would take a bite out of the sandwich on the plate Brigham was holding, causing the food to disappear before your eyes in the final stop-motion.

Be sure to check out the finished video if you haven’t already (it has received over 2 million views now on YouTube):

  • rpm07

    No matter how they made the video! BTS are useless! It only reinforces the fact that they want to be seen doing something rather than really doing it.

  • lidocaineus

    Huh? So you’re not at all interested in process and technique? How the heck do you learn new skills without looking at how other people accomplish their own creative visions and ideas?

  • Daz in Oz

    Amazing.. only now are we dabbling in Time Lapse.. learning all about that motorised dolly you guys have there..