Funny Canon Commercial Shows What Photogs Will Do for the Perfect Shot

If you were watching the Thanksgiving Day NFL football games on TV today, you may have seen the above commercial promoting the Canon Rebel T4i entry-level DSLR. It’s a humorous ad that asks “When was the last time something inspired you to be creative?” and shows a number of photographers putting themselves in uncomfortable (and unsafe) situations in order to capture the photograph they have in their minds eye.

A woman who snapped a photograph of a giraffe and then discovered why wildlife has the word “wild” in it:

A street photographer who snags an incredibly well-timed photo after ticking off a shopkeeper:

A man who snaps an aerial photo by climbing onto his snow-covered roof:

A guy who struggles to keep his camera (and himself) from drowning while photographing a woman in some water:

The commercial reminds us a bit of the short about extreme landscape photographer Alexander Deschaumes that we shared last night, except this one is designed to be funny while that one is meant to be epic and inspiring.

(via YouTube via Fstoppers)

  • tony

    Very nice!! I can see myself in many of them! :D That’s what it takes to get the pic right!! No matter what other people might think or say! That’s the way to do it! I feel like someone finally inderstands me! :)

  • Anatole


  • AW


  • PhotoStorys


  • Glenn Smith

    I’m sure the health & safety people would have a fit if theysaw what we photographers do to get a shot! Like hanging out of a 3rd floor window by one hand, trying to compose a group shot at a wedding whilst also being stood on the window sill!

  • Sum_it

    Health and safety people like myself still find this commercial to be funny!

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Quite a contrast when compared with the ad for Sony’s NEX cameras which was featured earlier this week. Both are effective ads which leave an impression, but I find this one to be more inspirational.

  • miki

    lovely add, but if you look at the pictures and movies you can see that the light is different. So the pictures wouldn’t come out as they portrayed them.

  • eraserhead12

    reminds me of the “how asians take pictures” meme (me included).

  • Denver Wedding Photographer

    Great commercial. Funny stuff. I like it.

  • Oscar Lara

    I heard it reduces camera shake

  • Cody

    It’s cute how they make it look like the live view is actually usable on the move like that.

  • Andrew

    Risk your life to shoot with a camera with a worse quality sensor than the one from two generations before, that’s the Canon way of life. That or this is a blatant ripoff of Spike’s “1000 ways to die” xD

  • Matt

    Is that gangman photography?

  • Ralph Hightower

    I agree. The Sony NEX commercials are dumb. Canon, inspirational. I’ll keep using film and my Canon FD lenses.

  • Mike Manzano

    Because everyone knows it’s the quality of the camera that makes the photographer, not other useless stuff, like talent.

  • Mansgame

    Inspirational and positive where Sony is making fun of the same people they sell cameras to.

  • manwithacamera

    +1 Inspirational indeed. This ad shows Canon respects its costumers and photography enthusiasts :)

  • Lidocaineus

    For which one? I find live view to work pretty well in certain situations, especially if you’ve got plenty of light and don’t use contrast level auto focus.

  • Sven Dolahsek

    Then you’ve totally misunderstood the point of the Sony commercials. Those Sony ads are meant for people who want to document their travelling, take pictures of their food, or family gatherings, their kids, etc. in a very ordinary and easy way. They’re basicly for people who use their cameras in auto mode for some snapshots, but don’t want to resort to the crappy high-ISO quality of a compact camera.

    The Canon ad is aimed at the beginning photographer who goes the extra lenght to achieve a great picture. Both ads are aimed at entirely different audiences. You can’t just go around claiming ads are dumb just because you’re not in the target audience.

  • Kim

    Who is singing in this commercial?

  • Laimeli

    0:32 -what this?

  • USF83

    It is time to trade my EOS Rebel for a XSI for a t4i.

  • whoohaa123

    Anybody notice the 12″ of snow on the roof that fell in Los Angeles CA when the guy snapped the picture from the roof. I don’t remember that much snow sticking.