Sigma Extends Its Gear Warranty to Cover Damage from Hurricane Sandy

Camera companies are doing their part to help victims of Hurricane Sandy get back on their feet. Here’s something that might be great news to some photographers on the East Coast: Sigma is extending its warranty to cover damage caused by the hurricane.

Pay a visit to the company’s Service and Support page, and you’ll find the following under the header “Sandy Warranty Coverage Extension”:

Extended warranty coverage for Hurricane Sandy damage: Sigma hereby extends the warranty coverage of Sigma products still under warranty for damages incurred as a result of Hurricane Sandy. If your equipment is under warranty, Sigma will provide either (a) complimentary service to get your equipment running, or (b) a trade-in option. Just ship your damaged equipment to Sigma, and we will ship the equipment back to you without charge. All terms of your Sigma warranty coverage still apply, so when sending in your Sigma product, please be sure to include a copy of the original sales receipt as proof of purchase date. If you do not have appropriate documentation as a result of the Hurricane, please contact us. Eligibility for this offer is subject to Sigma’s sole discretion. This offer is open through December 31, 2012 (we must receive your damaged equipment by that date).

Hopefully other camera companies follow Sigma’s lead — it would bring a smile to many a photographer’s face.

In related news, other photo companies are donating pretty substantial amounts of money toward the relief effort: Nikon has pledged $50K, Canon has given $100K, and Samsung has donated a whopping $3 million.

Sigma Service & Support (via Reddit)

Image credit: Photo illustration based on Hurricane Sandy & Marblehead [Front Street 8] by Brian Birke

  • Bartek Nowakowski

    Wow… that’s actually pretty fantastic. Who does that?

  • bloodyfaces

    That is amazing. Well done Sigma.

  • kileak

    only for hurricane? what about all the problem with front back focus?? better i buy a sony zeiss….

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    Always great when companies actually give a crap about their customers.

  • Mansgame

    Seems like a publicity stunt but still nice of them.

  • lifeinpixels

    These are the types of actions which make me want to support these types of companies. Well done, Sigma.

  • JDM

    Now you just have to hope that the receipt didn’t suffer the same damage.

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    Sigma does.

  • hardon

    omg, how incredibly cynical of you.

  • Matt

    Wow! Very nice for anyone who may have had a loss during Sandy. This kind of gesture is worthy of a lot of publicity.

  • sum_it

    Publicity stunt? Probably. But at the end, the company is still going out of its way to do nice things for their customers.

    Its little things like this that make me wish I owned a sigma lens. Actually, I used to have a 12-24mm 4.5-5.6. I didn’t like it very much and got the 16-35mm 2.8L instead.

    +1 for Sigma