A Time-Lapse Showing What Washington D.C. Looks Like Without Humans

Here’s the last planned installment of the Empty America time-lapse series by photographer Ross Ching and Thrash Lab. The video takes us on a journey through the capital of the United States, showing what various landmarks (e.g. Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial, the White House) look like without the ordinary hustle and bustle of tourists (and security guards).

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video in which Ching talks about the “creative gap” and turning your imagination/creativity/ideas into reality:

One thing I learned about in college was the concept of the “creative gap,” and what that is is how you imagine something when you’re conceptualizing versus how it actually turns out when you put it on the screen. The difference in the middle is the “creative gap.” When you think of something, you have this imagination and you see it perfect. There’s a lot of stuff that can happen in the middle […] All these different things need to come together perfectly to make your imagination come to reality.

The Empty America series explored a total of four major US cities: San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and Washington D.C.

  • JosephRT

    Huh, I just noticed the executive producer was Ashton Kutcher

  • Tom Bryan

    im not trying to belittle this project but we’ve been shown a LOT of this sort of work lately.

  • Oskar?

    It took 13 people to make that. Way too many for such a low quality product. It is rather a kitchy rushed work.

  • Toadman

    I like these by Trash Lab, but something about this one was just off. Not sure if it was the music or the repetition of some of the sites or lack of using more historical monuments/museums. The San Fran one was killer, this one just subpar which is disappointing because I love DC as much as I love San Fran.

  • Bob

    And yet I can still see politicians…

  • Anatole

    oh man, that’s a poor music choice.

  • Swade

    Why would Ashton Kutcher be needed to produce this? I feel like it takes away the time and patience to make this if you paid to have streets cleared. The time and patience is what make this.