These Infrared Photos of Washington, D.C. Show the Capital in a New Light

Washington DC is one of the most photographed places in the United States, with over 20 million tourists passing through in 2014.

With so many cameras being pointed everywhere in the capital, photographer Mark Andre wanted to offer a different take. So, he converted a standard DSLR into an infrared camera and has spent the past year shooting an otherworldly series of photos of DC.

A Time-Lapse Showing What Washington D.C. Looks Like Without Humans

Here's the last planned installment of the Empty America time-lapse series by photographer Ross Ching and Thrash Lab. The video takes us on a journey through the capital of the United States, showing what various landmarks (e.g. Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial, the White House) look like without the ordinary hustle and bustle of tourists (and security guards).

Portraits of Superheroes Living Ordinary Lives in Hong Kong

Superheroes usually do their world-saving work in big cities, but what if they lived lives that were as mundane as the civilians they're sworn to protect? Photographer Chow Kar Hoo has a creative series of photographs that show well known superheroes living rather ordinary lives in Hong Kong. Batman is seen strolling a night market, Wolverine is found making a living slicing up meat at a butcher shop, and Hellboy is spotted enjoying some late night hot pot.