Tip: Score a Good Deal on a Fog Machine at Post-Halloween Sales

Looking for a cheap fog machine or fog juice for your photography? Hurry out to your local pop-up Halloween store today: David Hobby of Strobist reminds us that these seasonal stores often offer deep-discounts of those things once All Hallows’ Eve has come and gone.

In case you’ve never handled a fog/smoke machine before, here’s a short explanation of how they work:

Typically, fog is created by vapourizing proprietary water and glycol-based or glycerine-based fluids or through the atomization of mineral oil. This fluid (often referred to colloquially as fog juice) vapourizes or atomizes inside the fog machine. Upon exiting the fog machine and coming into contact with the moisture in the outside air the vapour condenses, resulting in a thick visible fog.

Use this type of machine in moderation, though, as both short- and long-term exposure can have some adverse side-effects.

If you do decide to call up your local Halloween shops, here’s an idea of what prices you should be looking to beat: Amazon’s cheapest and most popular fog machine sells for $30, and a gallon of fog juice is $28.

Image credit: Smoke by iantmcfarland

  • John Milleker

    Careful of the style of machine this article links to on Amazon. They don’t last long, and in the two instances, don’t work at all. I bought four to have on hand the last time there was a sale. We went through four for a photo shoot, finally the last one worked for longer than an hour and after that decided to leak out the fog juice everywhere.

  • harumph

    A few years ago, I bought one at one of those Halloween pop up stores (before Halloween) for $25 and it’s still going strong.

  • Rob S

    picked up two from target for $25 each today. Fog juice was $10 a gallon.

  • Daf

    Quite fancy a battery powered one to play with in the woods – but they’re not so cheap. (in the Uk anyway)