The Current State of the Mirrorless War

Japanese electronic industry analysis company BCN has published a new report (in Japanese) on the current landscape of the mirrorless camera industry. Using data gleaned from retailers and manufacturers over in Japan, it reports that three companies — Olympus, Sony, and Panasonic — account for nearly 70% of mirrorless camera sales in Japan. Nikon and Canon, both relatively late to the mirrorless game, are fourth and fifth (respectively), with a combined share of 22%.

Here’s what the leaderboard currently looks like: Olympus (28.6%), Sony (23.5%), Panasonic (17.3%), Nikon (12.8%), and Canon (9.2%).

It also reported on the sales charts for top models as well:

How does this list compare with Amazon’s current sales chart? Take a look:

BCN’s chart may be a tad bit outdated and may cover a different period of time, but it’s clear that Sony’s NEX-5N is one of the best-selling mirrorless cameras at the moment.

BCN also reports that mirrorless camera sales are growing at quite a healthy clip, with an annual growth rate that exceeds DSLRs. The mirrorless share of the interchangeable market hit a high point in early 2012 with 52.4% market share, but is currently floating in the in the mid-40s.

(via BCN Ranking via DSLR maniac)

  • Martin Griffiths

    Perhaps someone who can read Japanese can explain why Fujifilm figures have not been included.

  • Dan

    Two things surprised me about these numbers: Canon has a nearly 10% market-share which sounds like a lot considering their offering. Considering that it is a new camera and that the statistics must be from a rather short timeperiod just after launch of the Canon M it might be understandable.
    The second thing is Pentax Q with 6 %. I thought it was a smaller niche product but it really does well in Japan.

  • matt jones

    no OMD ?

  • Dan

    Actually, in the original report they are and they are quite low. Follow the link, scroll down to the graph showing sales numbers month by month. There is a grey line howering just above zero % that represent Fujifilm. It might have reached 1 % in february but is now significantly lower than that.
    PentaxRicoh with maybe 7-8% is the last line just below Canons numbers.

  • Sky

    No NEX7 either. Expensive cameras rarely hit top of the sales ranking.