Remember That Hipstamatic Wedding Pic Craigslist Ad? Here Are the Photos

Photography purists, you might want to look away. For the rest of you: remember that Craiglist listing we shared a couple of months ago posted by a couple looking for Hipstamatic wedding photographers? Among the hoards of enthusiastic Hipstamatic shooters who responded were Keith and Marc, hosts of the iPhoneography podcast TinyShutter. After being chosen for the gig, they drove down to Connecticut from Massachusetts and New Hampshire to capture the wedding with their iPhones.

Here’s a selection of the photographs that resulted:

After shooting the wedding, the two photographers interviewed the couple to talk about the experience.

The couple, Katie and Artie, had chosen an Alice in Wonderland theme for their wedding. An obsessed fan of Hipstamatic, Katie wanted to find someone to document their wedding in retro filters. The special guests were never intended to be the main photographers of the wedding, but simply a small piece of the fun; even the couple’s family and friends didn’t know that there were dedicated Hipstamatic photographers in attendance.

There are also apparently a good deal of people who are interested in this kind of gig. The couple’s initial post attracted 50-60 responses, and it wasn’t until their second post — the one that we featured — that they found Keith and Marc.

You can find a larger selection of the photographs here.

Image credits: Photographs by Marc Sadowski and Keith Tharp and used with permission

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    I have nothing against it – it’s their wedding and they can have it shot how they want. No big deal. Just because I shoot with a 5D mark II doesn’t give me any more right to shoot a wedding than someone with an iPhone; it all depends on what the couple getting married wants.

  • Allan Schroeder

    just goes to show you it’s what’s behind the camera that counts…

  • Christopher King

    I agree

  • natums

    Great photographer either way, though I think they would have been just a great of shots without any of the filters, in many shots it would probably have looked better.

    I do wonder still if instagram/hipstamatic will be a trend that fades a way quietly or we will all be embarrassed by in a decade.

  • Jason Kirby

    I think this is hilarious, a wedding shot on an iPhone with instagram filters. I am 100% sure that this will be happening more frequently in the near future.

  • guest

    lolol I’m just imagining a bunch of eye-rolling hipsters glued to their iPhones buzzing around a wedding. ehh, it’s their wedding.

  • allan reyes

    You mean Hipstamatic, right?

  • Alice Marie

    I think these photos are fun and full of life, capturing the offbeat frivolity the couple wished for their wedding. Frankly, I think professional wedding photographs have gotten a bit predictable in their highly polished, “artsy” perfection. If this trend sticks, which I think it will, the wedding photography industry will eventually loosen up a bit and add more originality into their craft.

  • Bua

    Their wedding; their money; their gig; their decision.

  • CD

    As mom of the groom, I was quite impressed with the pics that were taken. It was a fun filled awesome day and the iphone caught it all. I for one do not think this is going away anytime soon. Marc and Kieth were awesome!!!

  • rbl

    So these two dudes drove down from their respective homes for $75-$100. (The original post stated she was offering $25 an hour for 3-4 hours). Or did they just do it for free?

  • Erica

    They did it for Food, Fun and a total Alice in Wonderland Wedding Experience they will never forget :)

  • John McCormick

    A great photographer will make some great photos with whatever tools they have at their disposal.

  • Tom Masiero

    I agree with Jason.. I def think you will see a trend of this kind of service in the future. I actually think it’s pretty cool :)

  • Marc Sadowski

    We did it for nothing… though we did get some good food… I I snagged a couple ring pops ;-)

    Seriously, though. We just did it for the fun and challenge.

  • Marc Sadowski

    We did this for the fun and challenge. We didn’t get paid. We didn’t want to get paid because this was all new and we weren’t sure how the photos would come out after a full day of iPhone shooting.

    Overall, we are VERY happy with the way the photos turned out. We had such a great time with the couple and their friends and family. Plus, we made some interesting discoveries about how the iPhone would behave if you treated it like a DSLR.

  • Mike

    Looking through the gallery it seems these were taken alongside higher quality dslr pictures so don’t see the problem

  • dave

    Anyone else notice carmelo anthony in the last picture???

  • Moira

    Oh thank god that they weren’t meant to be the main wedding photographers – my mind was instantly eased when the article mentioned that!

  • Heliotropa

    it reminds me of my parents’ wedding album, which is entirely made up of polaroids my grandpa took, and some assorted kodak snaps from friends and family. And not just because of the retro filters, but because everything looks spontaneous and unstaged.

    Long before the days of the obligatory fancy wedding photographer.