Craigslist Listing Calls for a Hipstamatic Wedding Photographer

Would you shoot a wedding professionally with your iPhone and Hipstamatic? If you want to stay in business, probably not. But what if you were asked to do so, and paid for your work?

If you live near West Hartford, Connecticut, this might be an actual gig you can do. There’s a couple there looking for one or two Hipstamatic photographers to document their wedding in mid-September (don’t worry, they also have a primary non-iPhone photographer).

The creative gig request was posted to Craigslist late last month (here’s a copy of the page):

So basically, the couple loves Hipstamatic’s look so much that they want to pay $100 bucks for someone to document their wedding with it.

Would you be interested in this kind of job?


Image credit: Simon & Moira’s Wedding by davesag