Clever Portraits of a Cat Using Sketches on Cardboard

You know those carnival cutouts that let you stick your face in a hole for humorous photographs? A Chinese blogger named toshiya86 had the brilliant idea of creating these cutouts for her beloved cat Guagua’s birthday. Humorous portraits resulted.

The cutouts were quite simple, featuring drawings of famous anime characters — Christine Mi, Dino, Gold Sparkle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, QB, Green Drive, the Old Anchor, Gintama and Naruto — and holes punched out where the heads should’ve been. By having Guagua poke her face through the head-hole, the cat could be photographed doing all kinds of random things (e.g. napping, posing, flying a broom, enjoying some wine).

You could do this with your dog as well, but you might need a much bigger piece of cardboard. More Guagua portraits can be found here.

(via @toshiya86 via Chick Geek Games via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by toshiya86/Weibo

  • ed.cetera

    Is this really a photography story? C’mon petapixel, you’re better that this. Or at least you were.

  • 11

    It’s cool for us, not for the cat — it neither knows what was going on.. nor it checks petapixel.

  • guest

    .. based on the type of content this site consistently features, I’d think you’d figure out what to expect by now.

    there are plenty of alternatives for your daily photography digest, stop moaning and move on. I’m so sick of every single post having someone comment, ‘WOWWW SRSLY?? THIS IS NOT PHOTOGRAPHY. LAMEEE’

  • rtfe

    hello. welcome to every comment section. ever.

  • James Schooling

    I like it. It made me smile.