Nikon D800 Found to be Incompatible with Eye-Fi Cards for Wireless Transfers

Update: Eye-Fi has released a firmware update that fixes this issue.

If you shoot with a Nikon D800 or D800E and have been experiencing issues with wireless file transfers using Eye-Fi SD cards, it’s not just you: Eye-Fi has found that some aspect of the cameras’ SD slots make them incompatible with the cards.

A product advisory posted to Eye-Fi compatibility page states,

Eye-Fi engineering has found and confirmed a compatibility issue with the Eye-Fi card that impacts the use of Direct Mode in the Nikon D800. We are currently investigating an issue with the D800’s SD slot that appears to contribute to a lack of steady signal while the Eye-Fi card is in Direct Mode which makes the Direct Mode feature incompatible with the camera. The Nikon D800/D800e passes all other wireless network tests and is compatible with wireless transfers via a wireless router.

Nikon currently lists Eye-Fi compatibility as a feature of the D800/D800E on their product pages — it might want to change that for the time being.

(via Eye-Fi via Nikon Rumors)

  • Eye_Fi

    Just for the record…. An Eye-Fi Card will work as a regular SD memory
    card in a Nikon D800… The reason we have listed the D800 as
    incompatible is due to the lack of reliability regarding the WiFi features of the card in this camera. Eye-Fi is working with Nikon in order to resolve the WiFI issues.

  • Daniel

    I have a D800 and I tested yesterday the eye-fi card PRO X2.
    It works for me. And it’s amazing!

  • Ruffis

    My Eye-Fi only works over wi-fi network. The Direct Mode does not work with the D800. I think the issue is with the connectivity via Direct Mode.

  • Renato Murakami

    Nice to know someone from Eye_Fi is following Petapixel here… may I grab the opportunity to ask about something?
    How’s the work going regarding Magic Lantern and Eye-fi cards? It’s been a while I last used mine, but this was a problem I wanted to see solved… I always have to switch between cards when I want Eye-fi functionality vs Magic Lantern…

  • Eye_Fi

    This is what we’ve seen as well. Generally, an Eye-Fi card will work in a D800 over Wi-Fi (though you may see a decrease in transfer speed when tested against other cameras), but we’ve seen issues when trying to use Direct Mode in this camera. Again, we are working with Nikon to resolve this issue.

  • Jeff Mitchel Press

    Eye Fi was extremely sensitive to my complaint with the D800E and their 8GB card and resolved the issue to my satisfaction (short of getting the card to work in direct mode). I would not hesitate to purchase another Eye Fi product because of their great service level.

  • Dan Donovan

    There is some serious confusion here. Eye-Fi cards do work with the D800 for wireless transfers when using a Wi-Fi network. However, Direct Mode does NOT work with the D800. DM is when the Eye-Fi card creates its own network to transfer photos between a camera and storage device. I contacted Eye-Fi to see if they were working on a solution for the D800. They were, but now think there is no solution to the problem. I was disappointed with this news, but then realized iPhones can create Wi-Fi hotspots. I am with AT&T and the ability to create a hotspot is now free with their share plan. So, wherever I go with my iPhone, I have a Wi-Fi network which I can use to wirelessly transfer files between my D800 and iPad.

  • JoeM845

    Pardon me for jumping in here, but is this also an issue with the Nikon D600?

  • Scott

    I use the D800 as well and I have no issues so far with the cards