Hasselblad Lunar Site Contains Bogus Information About Camera Sensors

Regardless of how you feel about Hasselblad’s idea of taking a $1,100 Sony NEX-7, souping it up, and selling it for $6,500 as a Hasselblad Lunar, I think we can all agree that there needs to be honesty in marketing the camera. Well, that’s what a couple of sections over on the Lunar website seriously lack. Check out the page boasting about the camera’s APS-C HD CMOS Sensor, which contains a side-by-side comparison showing the common APS-C sensor size next to other popular sizes. Does that look like a Micro Four Thirds sensor to you?

Here’s what a side-by-side comparison of Micro Four Thirds and APS-C actually looks like:

No, Micro Four Thirds isn’t some kind of sensor that’s geared specifically toward shooting widescreen video for movie theaters. In fact, APS-C has a more stretched-out aspect ratio than MFT, so it’s strange seeing how Hasselblad decided to portray the smaller sensor (it’s as if they only had surface area to work with when creating the graphic).

But that’s not all… On the same page is an equally bogus description of APS-C sensors:

It reads,

The APS-C size sensor is the largest sensor in the Compact System Camera segment and larger than most DSLR’s in the market. The extra-large sensor enables to effectively control the background defocusing even in extremely low light conditions, especially in manual or semi-manual shooting modes. Lunar sensor is more than 13x larger than 1/2.4-size sensors, 3.1x larger than 13.2 x 8.8 mm sensors, and 1.6x larger than MICRO Four Thirds™ sensors, resulting in much higher image quality, lower noise and faster response.

The truth is, the APS-C sensor isn’t the largest in mirrorless cameras. Leica’s M9 is considered to be a member of the CSC category and features a full frame sensor.

Furthermore, APS-C is certainly not “larger than most DSLR’s in the market.” Most DSLRs contain APS-C and full frame sensors, not something smaller. I wonder which “DSLRs” and what “market” the marketing people at Hasselblad were looking at.

At best, there are some ignorant copywriters over at Hassy. At worst, the company is pulling some pretty nasty tricks in order to make the Lunar seem more attractive than it is.

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    Anyone who buys this is a sucker with too much money.

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

    ” honesty” and “marketing” don’t usually end up in the same sentence.

  • sierrarobba

    Maybe they raplace a sensor and you dont notice that.

  • sierrarobba

    Maybe they raplace a sensor and you dont notice that.

  • Amir Asyraf

    No, it’s almost exactly like the Sony NEX except with an uglier exterior.

  • Rob S

    Im Mitt Romney and I approve of this Camera.

  • Bryan Broyles

    Not all APS-C sensors are the same size. Canon’s is smaller than Nikons and Sony’s (and I think Pentax). Since this one is larger than Canon’s APS-C offering, and larger than micro 4/3s, is it possible it is larger than “most” DSLR sensors?

  • 11

    I say, take some putty or play dough and slap it on a sony and sell it on ebay..

  • Jim A.

    Anyone who buys one of these cameras doesn’t need a lot of disinformation to help make their purchase, they’re already clearly in the poorly informed camp. They’re buying “street cred” among their similarly uninformed peers. Nothing to see here…move along.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Good god.

    Can’t any of these camera companies spare a few of their engineers to check what the hell their marketing departments are up to? I mean, have somebody with an actual technical background to do the damn proofreading. What’s a few man hours’ worth of pay for preserving your company’s reputation?

  • Bart

    “Most of the market” would be Canon and the Canon APS-C sensor *IS* a smidgen smaller than the Sony one. So Hassy’s claim that has a sensor “larger than most of the SLR’s on the market” would be correct. Maybe a bit deceiving, but still correct.

    Counting the M9 as a *compact* system camera means you’ve never actually held one in your hands. Yes, it’s mirrorless. Yes, it’s a system camera. But just because it’s a mirrorless system camera doesn’t mean it’s a COMPACT system camera. Not all sheep are white. Does not mean all sheep are black. Same applies here. I feel very comfortable with Hasselblad not including the M9 in the CSC category; I certainly don’t see it as a CSC. I don’t consider it misleading.

    Are the claims misleading? Yes. Shocking, in an advertisement! Are they lies? That can be challenged very easily. It all depends on definition, and the definitions Hassy apparently uses are far from being ridiculous.

  • Broseph

    So I can spend $6500 on a good, but not amazing, aps-c camera that looks like it’s made by someone with all the taste of a Russian oil tycoon, or I can spend that EXACT same amount on a brand new, full frame Leica? Hasselblad is so much cooler and exclusive than Leica that people are willing to make this stupid decision? I guess pulling out every stop in the marketing lie game is precisely what Hasselblad needs to do.

    I don’t shoot much with my 501CM anymore, but there it is, on the shelf, a reminder of the amazing products this company used to make.

  • Rafiki

    I have held them and used them on work in the past. Ever hold any of the larger M43 cameras? GH2/ GH3? Even OMD? It’s mirrorless, it’s compact. Maybe not AS compact, but jeesh. Do you care about your photography as much as camera taxonomy?

    As far as those sensor comparisons. Those are completely ridiculous.

  • BarbaBenno

    exept if that sentence was written by a marketeer…:-)

  • Doug B

    Wow… Totally confused why they think this whole “Lunar” thing is a good idea… I’ll take a Nex-7 over this crap any day.

  • quickpick

    no one who’s interested in lunar, doesn’t understand a s**t about the meaning of the sensor specs anyway.. and anybody who’s interested in sensor quality and understands something about it, doesn’t go even near the lunar.. :D

    the lunar is mere bling bling for the high society and celebrity emptyheads to show off with in the public.. take my word for that! :D

  • Sid Ceaser

    Hasselblad, just give me an affordable entry-level Medium format back that I can use with my 500C/M and I’ll forgive you for this Lunar madness.

  • `/1nc3n4

    They think all the riches buying Hasselblad Lunar were lunatics.

    If you start something with lying, you won’t achieve what you want.

    DOA Lunar, Adios!

  • Mark

    I’ll bet anything that it’s simply an issue of the web designer getting the dimensions wrong on the graphic. The horizontal measurements are correct, but the vertical measurements are almost exactly 30px shorter than they should be. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve input wrong values for graphics like this.

  • hangaard

    I’ll take that bet. I just checked. The image of the sensor is shown at its real size.

  • Libby Stack

    I see they have corrected the m4/3 faux pax. Well that’s what happens when you put fashion people in charge of cameras.

  • Paul Langmead

    Actually, this is quite a sensible move on Hasselblad’s part. First of all realise that this is squarely aimed at the Asian market (think limited edition gold plated cameras) and may well sell strongly in the middle east too. Conspicuous consumption is de rigueur in some of these markets and the Lunar certainly fits that bill.

    This gives people in these regions an entry point to the brand that is current and tangible, as many don’t have the same mythology that surrounds the Hasselblad brand that we do in the West. It’s also a smart move for Sony (Hasselblad Lunar, powered by Sony…).

    This entry point then leads to harder drugs like the H-system. Sound marketing practice really.

    As in all things, you need to take a step outside your own world to see the reasons for some things. I certainly don’t anticipate strong sales in Europe and N. America.

  • Paul Langmead

    And still do. The 503CW is still produced and sold, along with digital backs up to 80MP and the complete range of CFi lenses.

  • Paul Langmead


  • ksporry

    looks like they pulled it from their website…