Hasselblad Lunar is a Rebranded Sony NEX-7 with $5,000 of Luxury

Hasselblad mixed things up today by announcing a new “ultra luxury” APS-C mirroress camera. Sounds like Earth-shattering news, right? Take a little closer, and you’ll notice that it’s not as monumental as it sounds. Basically, the company has taken a page from Leica’s book by playing the rebranding game. Just as Leica -Lux compact cameras are essentially rebranded Panasonic Lumix bodies, the new Hasselblad Lunar is a dressed-up version of the Sony NEX-7.

The specs are idential: a 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor, an ISO range of 100-16000, 0.02 second shutter lag, a 3-inch LCD screen, a built-in EVF, 25 AF points, Sony E and A mount compatibility, and 10fps continuous shooting.

Design-wise, the camera’s name and look seems to pay homage to the fact that Hasselblad cameras were used on the moon (and left there). The Italian designs feature handgrips made of real wood, and bodies constructed using carbon fiber, titanium, leather, gold, and other precious metals (these are most definitely needs, not wants, in case you’re wondering).

The Lunar is basically a whole series of Leica-style special edition cameras, with different colors and materials. We hear there’s 47 different looks based on different style combinations.

Here are some more views of the camera:

Now for the price. In case the fact that gold was used to build this camera didn’t tip you off: this camera is expensive. It’ll carry an astronomical (pun intended) price tag of €5,000, or around $6,500. The NEX-7 only costs around $1,100, so if you were thinking about purchasing six of them, you should change plans and get a Lunar instead.

  • Darren

    A comment on CNET Asia sums it up … Dear Hasselblad. Liberace called. He wants his camera back.

    Ironically, I was waiting to see if the rumor that Hassy was going to launch a digital version of the X-Pan and get into the small format world in a serious and significant way. This is a tool for Tools.

  • t_linn

    That thing looks like the camera version of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster. Ugly doesn’t begin to describe it.

  • Gokhan Cukurova

    ugliest I have seen so far. I am glad I am not the Hasselblad rep. who is going to try to sell this, get in front of the camera to tell me how great this camera is. I am certain, it will take great photos in right hands. But if you find any….
    Could they learn anything from FUJI in terms of styling
    What a shame for a legendary brand! I wonder who designed it, I wonder who gave the go ahead for production. FIRE THEM ALL!

  • Ludwig Gerhardt

    this may be true, but, with every new Leica showing up with same old fashioned design carrying inside something that comes closer and closer to the cameras you can buy for a few bucks, Leica will die more and more. Telemetric and manual work made that camera, now, the rangefinder gets life view to use tele lenses, video to satisfy fans of that. Until yet Leica was a camera for old fashioned photographers,and freaks. Starting by M10, it becomes a Panasonic mirrorless with a Leica body. And Leica fans are real upset about that. Compared to the M9, price has dropped a lot, so next one will go for 4500 and the one after for 2500 and on the end we will have a FF NEX copy for 1500$ with a Leica logo on it. If Leica wants to survive, it has to join the club of those that make cameras for just anyone and that are sold in large amounts. In their body size and FF range, no challenger is there yet for the M10. but this could change with a FF NEX to come. This will make Leica think different. It is easy to be market leader with a product that nobody challenges, and this counts for the overpriced R series too, a DSLR that is not a medium format and not a usual FF. It is a medium format APSC in some way. But for 30000$ you can get something else that makes excellent pictures, even if it is not a Leica.

  • Ludwig Gerhardt

    sell this now exclusively in Monaco, St Tropez, Dubai, Shanghai, or Acapulco, and you are on the right place to find the suckers who aim at such bling bling.

  • Kunal

    I suppose it would be cheaper to go to the moon and pick up one of the Hasselblads left there.

  • hobittual

    I think most of you commenters sound like a bunch of 14 year girls moaning about its looks. My good God, have you no finesse whatsoever? This camera transcends popart, commercial good lookery,It is f****ing beautiful.

  • Karolina Lewandowska

    Poor swedish :-( paid italian for ugly design and japanese for good electronic…. and likes to take big money for stick “hasselblad”…..
    I had Hasselblad 500c/m – it was true CAMERA! This is sh…t.

  • chubbs

    Yeah, but I would pay 5000$ to see a goat in a tuxedo before I’d pay for this.

  • Fran

    Are you having a conversation with yourself?

  • chubbs

    Suggestion: buy a Sony NEX7 and poop on it. You will achieve the same result with savings of four grand.

  • Wallerus

    “Man, I wish my camera came in Leather. Lots and lots of Leather.” Hasselblad: “Leather you say?”

  • Rictor Peck

    Am I the only one that likes how this camera looks? And they specifically said that it’s just for people that want to say they have a hasselblad.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    what’s with the STUPID WHITE GLOVES ?