First Leaked Photo of the Sony A99, the First Full Frame Pellicle Mirror Camera

Here’s the first leaked photograph of Sony’s upcoming high-end full-frame single-lens-translucent DSLR, the A99. sonyalpharumors confirmed the authenticity of the image, which was first leaked onto the chinese website Xitek. We’ll likely be seeing the official announcement on Wednesday, September 12.

The A99 is designed to compete with high-end full frame DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark III, and marks a departure from the optical viewfinders found in previous Sony full frame models — the A900 and A850. It’s the first pellicle mirror camera by Sony to feature a full frame sensor. It features a 24.3MP sensor, 10fps continuous shooting, 102 AF points (11 cross), a 3-inch tilting LCD, and in-body image stabilization. You can find some more specs in this post from last week.

  • Pete

    “the First Full Frame Pellicle Mirror Camera”: if you’re talking about digital cameras, sure. But in general, no; Canon and Nikon both had full frame cameras with pellicle mirrors back in the 80s and 90s.

  • punktoad

    The first camera to employ the pellicle mirror as a beam splitter was the Canon Pellix, launched in 1965.

  • Thomas Kr├╝ger

    Nice camera, but where are the lenses…..

  • Alamin Mohammed

    There are basically few lenses absent on the alpha system such as speciality lenses. Plus a wide variety of Minolta legacy AF lenses on the cheap which btw are all stabilized.