Clever Commercial Idea for the Olympus OM-D Mirrorless Camera

Here’s a brilliant spoof advertisement for the Olympus OM-D mirrorless camera, created “for fun with a friend” by YouTube user spoofyoof (either that, or as a sneaky viral video). It features a simple, yet creative, twist.

Some people think you need a big heavyweight camera to take big heavyweight pictures. Well, not anymore. Meet Olympus OM-D. Small camera, big pictures.

Smaller and lighter cameras are something that’s a huge part of the ongoing mirrorless camera movement, so some camera company should definitely take this idea and turn it into an actual commercial.

(via 43 Rumors)

  • Tomi Tarkin

    Love the concept, style and most specs of that camera, but somehow the ergonomy of the buttons/controls and a bit tacky user interface on the screen keeps me a bit reserved. Waiting for the next generation and more competition from the rivaling brands perhaps. Panasonic Lumix version should be interesting since they have made the most appealing mirrorless (on which lack of the EVF and improvement of image quality to price ratio has kept me waiting) and point & shoot cameras to my tastes so far (DMC FZ-38 made me a fan of EVF and Lumix cameras altogether). My Canon 550D deserves respect for it’s many functions and nice image quality to price ratio, but is otherwise a bit too bulky and awkward for my needs and use. Want smaller size (like OM-D is) with well thought out ergonomy and good enough image quality without excessive megapixels that only drain the computerspower when used for editing the RAW-files..

    Altogether, OM-D’s a very appealing start for the new generation of the MILCs!

  • Tomi Tarkin

    Oh yeah, and very clever commercial! :D

  • branden rio

    I actually was a bit confused by the commercial…

  • Zak Henry

    Nice to know that my D700 is just ‘a dslr’ :)

  • Bj√∂rn Luminaire

    Brilliant concept & spot on, well done.

  • Mansgame

    Yup…that’s why all those photographers at the Olympics, Superbowl, weddings, etc. are shooting with Olympus instead of those junky D1X and D4’s.

  • Lee Harris


  • monteraz

    Yay, but in your “ADSLR” that 50 mm is a 50 mm indeed, not something like a medium telephoto :)