Fujifilm X-E1 to Feature X-Pro1 Sensor and Sub-$1000 Price Tag

If you swooned at the Fujifilm X-Pro1’s retro design and fantastic image quality when it was announced at the beginning of this year, but then balked when you saw the $1,700 price tag, you might want to keep a close eye on the upcoming Fujifilm X-E1. Photo Rumors has published the specs of the camera, revealing that the camera will hit shelves at a price somewhere south of $1,000.

The camera features the same 16 megapixel sensor that’s found in the X-Pro1 — a highly acclaimed sensor that performs fantastically at high ISOs.

Other specs include a max ISO of 25,600, 6fps continuous shooting, a light magnesium body, improved autofocus speed, the same video features as the X-Pro1, two body colors (black and silver), and film simulation modes (we hear Velvia is offered).

In other words, the spec sheet is nearly identical to the X-Pro1. The most notable thing that isn’t found in the X-E1 is a hybrid viewfinder (i.e. optical combined with electronic), as the X-E1 only offers electronic.

Expect the camera to hit store shelves by the time Christmas rolls around.

  • Offto Tokyo

    So you could have this and a 3-week luxury vacation in Japan to shoot it on – for the price of a lensless Leica? Know which one I’d choose

  • jesseyardley

    Nailed it.

  • tttulio

    “the same video features as the X-Pro1,” like a 3 year old Iphone 3GS.
    Time to wake up for video Fuji. No -one ants to carry 2 cameras with them, Panasonic GH2 ( soon GH3) at the same price beats almost any video camera out there. Canon EOS-M, Nikon 1, any camera at this price range from the last 3 years beats Fuji on video.

  • Zhemin

    Change the EVF to OVF only, and remove the Ugly X-E1 on the front, and you got a deal, ;’D
    And also in reply to Oftto Tokyo, i would choose the Leica everytime, i think you would 2, dont lie!! ;’D

  • Ryan Smith

    That’s a pretty dumb statement. If you are buying a Leica you can afford the vacation as well.

  • E

    So you want a dumb OVF instead (no superimposed information a la X-Pro1, no focus confirmation, no parallax correction, no changing framelines for different lenses…)? Part of the benefit of a EVF is that it is cheaper than a fully optical viewfinder like the Leica or the hybrid viewfinder of the X-Pro1. If you want the latter, get the X-Pro1.

    I think this will be the new go-to camera for anyone wanting to shoot M-mount lenses digitally on a budget (the hybrid viewfinder of the x-pro1 doesn’t make sense for this use anyway imo). The sensor seems to handle M-mount wide angles better than the NEX-7’s and you get better native lenses too. The af leaves something to be desired though, unless it is improved from the X-Pro1.

  • OllieOh

    Unbelievable. The one thing every reviewer raved about was the hybrid viewfinder and what do they do? They remove it. Let’s hope there’s a “pro” version that hasn’t been leaked yet.

  • Dave Polak

    You do realize that not everyone buys a camera for video. I use my cameras to take still photos. Video functionality is a minor annoyance that I ignore.