A Leather Gun Holster Camera Case Fit for Shooting in the Wild West

If you want to live out your fantasies of being a cowboy in the wild west — and don’t mind attracting strange looks — take a look at this slick gun holster camera case by Japanese leather design shop Roberu. Made of leather, the case keeps your mirrorless camera (e.g. Sony NEX, Olympus PEN, Nikon V) in an easy-to-access location around your waist that’s perfect for whenever you need to fast-draw and photograph a fleeting scene. It isn’t cheap though: a single black, dark brown, or camel-colored case will set you back ¥18,900, or roughly $242.

Gun Holder Camera Case [Roberu]

  • Slash_Cynic

    Looks really tacky.

  • Alan Dove

    Let’s make it really easy to mistake a camera for a gun. What could go wrong?

  • Mark

    Brings a whole new meaning to the word “Hipstamatic”. I only assume that’s the audience this device is meant to target, of course.

  • Jake

    This at a time when cops already hate photographers? Well done. Still, would be fun to have.

  • Grey

    Yeah, no good can come from that.

  • greentea

    It should have room to accommodate a real gun too.

  • mooboy

    Is that a mirrorless in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

  • Ripley

    This actually looks pretty cool. But it may get you into some trouble. Some dude caused a lockdown (in Aus or NZ, can’t remember which…) the other day because he was carrying an umbrella that had a samurai sword handle, and people thought he was concealing a weapon.

    Although I do really like the look of this one. I could always make my own, and make it clear that it was a camera bag. Or something. It might be fun to make.,,