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Hip Camera Holsters Batman Would Approve Of

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Apparently, there are plenty of people who find a traditional camera strap to be a (pardon the pun) pain in the neck.

Italian company CPtech recently announced a camera holster design, the B-grip. It’s a strap-free contraption screws in to the camera body like a tripod head, and then is clipped into a holster for a belt — a utility belt, perhaps?

The whole idea is that the camera can be quickly released or carried securely against the photographer’s body. The B-grip will run you about $50.

The B-grip will probably create some competition for Shai Gear’s similar belt holster, the Spider Holster, which looks and sounds more like a Bruce Wayne-Peter Parker collaboration. Unlike the B-grip, the Spider Holster doesn’t actually clip in; it slides in and out for easy access.

The Spider Holster has been out for about a year now and costs about $110 — if they’re in stock.

Personally, I don’t trust my butterfingers with a strapless camera; I usually wrap the strap around my hand several times if it’s not around my neck or shoulder.

What are your thoughts? Are you a strap-free daredevil or are you a seasoned strap-manager?

1 Comment