Canon EOS M Video Roundup

It’s been less than 24 hours since Canon announced their first mirrorless camera, and already the Internet is filling up with samples, commercials and hands-on videos for those interested in buying it when it arrives in October. Here’s a video roundup for the new Canon EOS M mirrorless ILC:

Hands-On Videos

Advertising Videos

You can find a few more advertising videos alongside high-res sample pictures over on Canon’s website. Also, keep in mind that we’re trying to put together the best EOS M videos (hands-on and otherwise) in one place, so if you feel like we missed something embeddable that’s worth adding, drop us a line in the comments and we’ll add as we go.

  • Tulio Campregher

    The camera ppears to be better than it looks.

  • 9inchnail

    Those sample photos look pretty damn good. I’d like to replace my old DSLR and was looking at the likes of a 7D but I’m really wondering if this would be the better choice for me. I’m into street photography and a clunky DSLR isn’t making it any easier to take candid shots. The M might be the way to go for mere mortals like me who can’t afford a Leica M9.

  • madmax

    Comparing this “thing” with a Leica M9? Ridiculous. Olympus OM-D and most PEN series, Sony Nex 5 and 7, Samsung NX 200 and 20, RIcoh GRX M mount and any Panasonic G series are waaaaaaaay better than this.
    It´s not good drinking so much whiskey before breakfast…

  • 9inchnail

    Canon hater?
    You haven’t read a single review but already know that ALL other brands are better than this? You’re not biased at all.
    And have I, with any word, said that this camera would be better than the M9? Don’t think so. But that thing costs more than 6x what the Canon is gonna cost. And who can justify spending 6000 bucks for a camera when photography is only a hobby? If you’re working professionally, ok, go ahead, but then again… ever seen a professional use a M9? Propably not cause it DOES NOT perform that good considering it’s price tag.

  • Olafs Osh

    I don’t care, if I will sound as hater, but, after watching last video advert clip, I wanted to cry. I get it, product placement, marketing… But I just want to cry right now. Well, not cry-cry, but still. vomit maybe.

    p.s. I am so touchy.