Fujifilm Primed to Announce Low and High-End X Models at Photokina

Photokina is only a couple of months away, and it looks like Canon and Nikon won’t be the only ones making major announcements and shaking up the camera market. According to Fuji Rumors, Fujifilm — initially reported to have a cheaper X-Model camera in the works — will actually be announcing two new models, one low-end and one high-end.

Details on both models are pretty thin. The lower-end model is said to be sporting a hybrid viewfinder like the X-Pro1, only with fewer features and a lower price tag to match. The higher-end model, which would be the big surprise reveal, is for now only rumored to exist and be on the way with “some completely unique features.”

As the big first day of Photokina (September 18th) draws nearer, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more rumors and leaks. Until then, Fuji X-Pro1 users should get ready to have a little bit of variety thrown into their world.

(via Fuji Rumors)

Image credit: FujiFilm X-PRO 1 by .:fotomaf:.

  • rwboyer

    How about an X200 with a 50mm equiv? That would make me very very happy…

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Fullframe X-Pro2 with rangefinder? One can dream, right?

  • Calgary Photographer

    Fuji is makin moves baby! They are one of the most exciting camera companies these days.

  • Guest

    I’d like to be a dreamer too!! :) Sadly, I suspect the current X lens line will not cover fullframe :(

  • TSY87

    Am I the only one who is shocked that an even higher end model is going to be released? I mean, feature wise, sure I’m excited… but price?!?! 1600 is already VERY high…

  • Guest2

    It can be done..

  • Wallerus

    Higher End Leica rival?

  • Steve

    I’m put of by most of the reviews mentioning that the focus is sluggish. Until they fix that, I’m not getting excited about these cameras.

  • MD

    This is exactly what I’ve been dreaming since the x100 debuted. If Fuji put the sensor from the x-pro behind a 50-equivalent f/1.4 in a package minimally bigger than the current model, I would drop a month’s income without even blinking. Oh, and make it black, if we’re fantasizing!

  • John

    Probably higher megapixel and or ISO range.