Fuji Will Release a Mirrorless Medium Format Camera in September: Report


Hasselblad broke new ground with the X1D: the world’s first digital mirrorless medium format camera. But according to trusted sources, Fujifilm is going to rain on Hassy’s parade very soon.

Despite denials from Fuji as recently as January of this year, Fuji Rumors claims the Japanese camera giant is planning to join Hasselblad with its own digital mirrorless medium format camera in September.


Details are still sparse, but FR says the camera will house a 50MP sensor, will be revealed at Photokina alongside three lenses, and will be “definitely more affordable” than the $9,000 Hasselblad X1D. No word on exactly what that “definitely more affordable” price will be, but FR says the new camera will ship in 2017.

We’re still a few months out from Photokina, but keep an eye out for more info between now and the purported announcement date. As we saw with Hasselblad, a release this big just can’t stay a secret.

Image credits: GF670 by P.H–Jack.