Canon Sends Invites for July 23rd Event, Mirrorless Camera Looming

Canon is sending out the above invitation for a press event on July 23rd (translation, anyone?). This date is when the company’s first mirrorless camera(s) is expected to be unveiled. Here are the rumored specs of the new system: two cameras with G1 X-sized sensors offering 14 and 24 megapixels, EF compatibility using an adapter, EVF on at least one of the cameras, and 3-5 lenses initially. Mark your calendars — it’s coming.

(via Canon Rumors via Photo Rumors)

  • imagiag

    It’s czech (almost literal translation below, to avoid being accused of adding what’s not there :) ) –

    Dear friends, Accept our invitation for introduction of groundbreaking news in products from Canon, which will happen 23 July 2012 from 10:00.

    During the event, you can expect short press conference, lunch and lecture by Radek Jaros.

    Place will be specified, please reserve your time.

    Looking forwards to meeting you, your Canon CZ.

    —- end of translation

    I doubt they would do global launch at small event in Prague, but maybe i’m wrong, and they want to leverage some of recent Radek’s expeditions as showcase (he’s traveler/climber/photographer).

  • John Tan

    I’ve received an invitation from Canon for an event in Singapore on 23 July as well. Time is different though.