These Creative Wedding Invitations Made from Film Canisters are Perfect for Photographer Couples

If you're a photo lover and you happen to be getting married to another photo lover, you're going to (at the risk of sounding repetitive) love this little DIY project that photog couple Katie and Kyle put together for their wedding.

Rather than sending out typical wedding invites to all of the friends and family they wanted to join them on their special day, they decided to make these super creative invites using rolls of 35mm film instead!

Canon Sends Out Product Launch Invites in the Form of Projector Pens

Canon is planning to hold a product launch press conference on March 22, 2013, and it's letting various media outlets know by sending them slick black boxes with silver pens. Wait, what? Pens? Yup, and they're not just your everyday pen: Canon's invite pens contain a secret message in a manner worthy of a secret agent.