US Soldier Shows Off The Hardcore Dust and Weather Sealing of His 2 Pentax SLRs

U.S. Army soldier Alex Jansen is currently stationed in Afghanistan, and besides taking some great shots and posting them up on the Pentax forums, he also put together this video illustrating one of the reasons Pentax owners love their cameras: the dust and weather sealing.

He starts by heaping piles of sand on both his K-7 and K-5 to demonstrate their resistance to dust, and then, to show off the weather sealing, he rinses them off under running water in the shower. People who baby their cameras should be forewarned, clicking the play button is likely to make you cringe a few times.

(via DIY Photography)

  • Pedro Rojas Jorquera

    i hope the canon sealling work this well too!

  • dodude

    i bet the knobs and dials move like crap after this

  • Sir_Elton_Juan

    They work fine, believe me.

  • Cochese

    While I’d never tempt fate twice, my t2i was once left half-buried in sand on a beach for three days. It rained on the second and when I finally found it, it was upside down, buried up to the battery grip. Powered on still even. Shutter speed dial was a bit sticky for a bit afterwards. :/

    What this guy is doing… Sealing or not, I’d not attempt. Why put it through unnecessary trauma!

  • Mario Liedtke

    That looks very spectacular, but is in fact the lowest danger for sealed cameras. Just giving a little sand over it and showers it of is not a real challenge. Because the sand isn’t as fine as the flying sand, and the water not as fast falling like rain. A real demonstration would be a day at the beach and a runback to the hotel while its raining. Then the sand, wind and water will attack the body from every angle and with more force.

  • Whitney

    I found myself moaning and groaning while watching this! Seems like a great set of gear.

  • kyoshinikon

    Not really Ive done worse to both my nikon’s and a pentax….

  • kyoshinikon

    Not necessarily. Iv’e seen canons crap in conditions like this…

  • Michael Comeau

    Best Pentax ad ever.

  • Bryan

    You’re right, instead of using it in a warzone, he should test it in a truly hellish environment like running from a beach to a hotel in the rain. Then we could see what that camera’s made of.

  • Mansgame

    My old Labrador was dirt and water proof too but I wouldn’t use her to take pictures either.

  • sgtboz

    Ah, crap. From this ex-soldier to you…….well done, Bryan!

  • Heie

    ahahaha :D Thanks so much for this.

    And I suggest you look at it again Mario – I not only covered it in sand, but then flicked/tossed SUPER FINE dust at the lens mounts.

    But, to appease everyone, next durability test will happen at the Hilton Kabul, with a special shout out to Mario Liedtke.


  • Heie

    Everything is in perfect working order on both cameras, as expected :)


  • Chris Lyn

    That’s badass. Even if I had those cameras, I would not be doing that to them.
    Pentax needs to showcase that aspect in their marketing campaigns.

  • KeeFyBeeFy

    He should try to zoom in and out with those lenses when it’s filled with dust. :) If the zoom rings does not get gritty then consider me sold.

    I’ve been through worse with a 7D. Salt water, rain, mud, sand, snow etc. No problems. Pentax is not the only weather sealed camera.

  • RawheaD

    Lens cap on the K7 :lol: Still, awesome. And yes, Canon probably does pretty good weather sealing too. The thing about the Pentax cameras is that you’d be spending a fraction of a weather sealed Canon DSLR + L lens to get one of these babes. I say that as a current 5Dmk2 user.

  • Knur

    Don’t try this at home. Go to Afghanistan.

  • Jjjustinnn

    When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle.

  • hennie

    I guess those are duty camera’s…What are you trying to proof?

  • Heie

    If by duty cameras, do you mean that they are work cameras provided by the U.S. Army, or whoever “paid” me to do this?

    These cameras are out of my own personal pocket, paid for by me and no one else. And no one paid me to do this – it was done of my own volition.

    And I’m trying to demonstrate Pentax’s weather sealing. It’s in the title and intro (first 20 secs of video) should you need to refer back to them.


  • Azety Azety

    dont want to do this with my D700 O_O

  • da8iwr

    I hope you get some respect, support, help from Pentax mate, i think they owe you a fee lens or 2 at least :)

  • da8iwr

    I have just spent an hour at 3am in the morning, when i need to be back up again at 7am looking through your pics. If you had more pics on here, i would stay up another hour.

    For the weather sealing, im a canon man, through and through, but I wish Canon had done this with the Canon 5D Mk2! :)

    Great work :)

  • Jin

    @Person who said his test isn’t like using a camera in blown sand or rain:

    He has taken pictures in dust storms. Check the “pictures” link. That’s plenty scary enough.

    And there’s plenty enough pictures of the k-5 being used in rain, snow, sleet, etc.

  • Morris

    i dont think the problem is if the camera works 1 second after he ‘sand’ ‘em or shower ‘em, but (1) in the long term and (2) in possible photo defects (pixel peeping)

    i believe every camera would work 1 second after, from the cheapest compact to the most expensive dslr