Creepy Portraits of Women Showing the Thatcher Effect

Dutch photographers Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm shot a series of photographs for a Dove ad campaign that uses the Thatcher effect for some stealthy creepiness. The effect is created by flipping a portrait upside down while keeping the eyes and/or mouth right side up. The human brain has a difficult time detecting these subtle “local” changes, and the portraits may look normal until you see them flipped. Try turning your monitor or head to look at these images upside down.

(via HUH)

  • Dan Stone

    …..woah….wierd…. but cool!

  • Ren Bostelaar

    Displaying these like this is just lazy, guys. Make them into a roll-over that inverts the image or something.

  • Matt Mikus

    Maybe your the lazy one.

  • Sean Anderson

    I’m not going to turn my monitor around or break my neck – y u no have button or time delay flipping? 

  • Ren Bostelaar

    Not as lazy as the guy that didn’t bother to learn his homophones.

  • Sean Anderson

    no, nope, it’s definitely PetaPixel that’s the lazy one here.

  • Dias

    if you have a problem with turning your neck to look at these pictures, then perhaps you shouldn’t waste your energy and time being alive at all. 

  • mio

    You must be new to the internet.  We will forgive you this time.

  • Joakim

    Just download them and flip them in your image viewer/editor. 

    Sure creepy tho. :)

  • Seb Riebolge

    hahaha well said my man

  • Rigid Mic


  • JRR Brawny

    I viewed it through a series of mirrors. Works great! 

  • Checkmate

    I took a picture of it (in RAW), processed it on the computer, fixed the levels, added some vignetting, took it to Costco, and printed a copy of it. Finally, I turned the photo upside down and damn, the picture REALLY is creepy……

  • Patricia S. Berrios

    then perhaps you shouldn’t waste your energy and time being alive at all.

  • LizzyB

    Very interesting.  And the point of this exercise is…??

  • LizzyB

    Very interesting.  And the point of this exercise is…??

  • cloven

     um to wonder at the complexities of perception in our universe….

  • Mark

     I hear Facebook is offering a start-up tech company nearly half a billion dollars for an app that creates “Thatcher Effect” photos. But here’s the best part. Apparently this software can also flip the image on the horizontal axis, allowing the photographic craftsman to experience the full effect. All of this technology is sure to put all of us editorial photogs out of business.

  • MegalizzyChris

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  • Wendz

    Nah something more simple than that. To give those contemplating botox or
    lip enhancements a pre-veiw

  • Tom

    On Windows, Ctrl + Alt + down arrow to invert screen; no need to break one’s neck

  • Sandra Bell Kirchman

    Thanks, Tom.  I should have read the comments before I saved all four pics and flipped them lol

  • Sandra Bell Kirchman

    Shocking!  I think the creepiest one is #3.  The least creepy is #4.

  • Samiam


  • VelazquezRosalie

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  • Joe Goldberg

    Here you go, everyone:

    All 4 images flipped

  • Alex

     Haha, my exact thought. It’s such a web no-no.

  • John R

    I see that expression all the time.  It’s called disdain.

  • Marie

    cool but creepy 

  • Marie

    cool but creepy

  • Marc Stephens

    Who you calling a homophone??